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Self-Sabotage: Habits Writers Fall into and How to Conquer Them

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Writers are a funky bunch. We are the rulers of self-sabotage. We are always doing something to hinder ourselves in some kind of way and don’t even know it. People think we are whiners because we’re always going on about writing and how hard it is. Screw those people because writing is one of the hardest things in the world to do. Creativity is not something easily controlled and most writers do a damn good job of spawning thoughts into things that inspire and educate.
But we often ignore the education we need when it comes to our own habits. I love doing all I can to help other writers. Since we are so different from other people, we need to lean on each other. No one and I mean no one understands a writer like another writer does.
I’ve outlined some of the biggest self-sabotage habits and how we can conquer them. Check out the list. I bet you’ll find something on it that relates to you.

1) Stop Taking Every Critique You Hear Seriously!
Somewhere along the line writers got the impression that they were supposed to give every critique or review they receive clout. As if everything said about our work is important. Please. Do you know that only a small percentage of critiques you receive will actually help you? Do you realize that there are people in the world who try to get in your head and screw with you just to sabotage? Know your friends from your enemies. Stop listening to everyone! Not everyone is there to help. The main people who run to tell you what not to do don’t know anymore than you do. Too many cooks spoil the broth!

2) Stop Kidding Yourself, Ya’ Bum. It’s Procrastination Not Writers Block
Whoa this is a huge self sabotage habit for writers of all levels. There is a difference between procrastination and Writers Block. The block is when you make an effort at writing but can’t get your ideas to cooperate. Procrastination is laziness. It’s when you walk around saying you want to write something yet you never write anything. It’s when you start a million manuscripts and haven’t finished any of them. It’s when you sit down to write but end up playing on the Internet for an hour then whine claiming Writers Block. Beating procrastination takes discipline and BIC (butt in chair). As long as you give excuses to why you’re not writing, you never will. Start writing or take up something else. If you can’t commit to at least one project how the heck will you finish a book?

3) Thinking You’re Better Than You Are
There is nothing wrong with having pride or knowing you are a good writer. All writers should think this or they have no business writing for publication. But there are some writers who believe there is no room for improvement. Once again this happens with all levels of writers. The trick to staying a good writer is learning. You should always research and learn something new from project to project. Your work should improve not go backwards. Don’t become comfortable or satisfied. Always challenge yourself and input something new that you’ve learned into your latest work.

4) Knowing Your Weaknesses and Strengths
All writers are different. We all have different styles and different voices. We all have strengths and weaknesses. You know what, nothing’s wrong with weaknesses because we’re human. Writers strive too much for perfection and this is self sabotage in its biggest form. Sometimes it’s your weaknesses that make you, you. Sometimes your weakness can be your strength. Pick up some books from writers you enjoy. I bet you can list at least ten of their weaknesses and ten strengths. Being human doesn’t break a writer but striving for perfection your entire life will.

Well I had fun. I hope I helped the writers out there. Take this as a cyber hug. I want writers to succeed and I love to share my experiences to help. So don’t always be so hard on yourself. We’ve all been there and will be there once again.

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a traditional housewife against the world said...

This was a great piece! Thank you for posting it!!!

Delaney Diamond said...

Stacy, I appreciate how generous you are with your time and the help and advice you've provided to me. I'm sending you a cyber hug right back!

Best of luck with your series!

Jen B. said...

Excellent blog. I have noticed lately that a lot of authors are taking reviews and/or slow sales a bit too personally. Some of the recent rants make me think that maybe they should read your post to remind them of a few things!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by everyone!

CL, much love!

Delaney, cyber hug right back at you and I love to help others when I can. I like to nurture writers because I feel we're all in this together!

Jen B., thanks so much for the sweet words. I did this post for the exact reason you mentioned. I see too that too many authors get down on themselves over reviews and lack of sales. We need to remember the bigger picture and remember why we write in the first place! I feel like if we all do it for the right reasons the rewards will come to us.

I love to remind people to be positive!

Best Wishes!


anny cook said...

Wow. Excellent advice! Thank you for sharing!