Thursday, April 7, 2011

So. Good times. Good times....

PS. I toootally look like this!
"Hello (insert sexy voice here). I'm Mia Waaaatttsssssssss."

"Hi, I'll be your happy Thursday blogger!"

"Howdy, y'all. I hear tell thars a party on this here blog and I aim to shake my booty a tad spell."

Geez, how exactly do you introduce yourself to over three hundred people? Regina told me to jump right in. Tess gave me the equivalent of an Internet hug, welcoming me to the gang. I guess that means I blink at the big sparkly lights, smile really big, and pretend my panties didn't just hit the floor in front of all you nice folk (true story... Long. Painful. Horrifyingly true story).

I'm pleased as punch, terrified, to meet everyone. I've been doing the writing thing for a while now. Like years. I've also had my share of pen names. I write as Mia Watts for the most part, filling my days with sex romantic plots about men with other men. Yeah, I know. I don't have the parts. I ask a lot of personal questions of men, regularly.

No. Seriously. I do.

Like the author I asked to describe what it feels like seconds before he ejaculates. I totally blushed, but then the internet makes it really easy to hide that stuff. I asked another man to describe the sensation of his manly rod of heavenly proportions filling.

He did.

Then he hit on me.

*sigh* It's a rough job, this writing thing, but I take it for the team. Yep.

I also write as Katie Blu. Katie is--well, I guess you could say she's coming out of a coma. The last time I published something with her was three years ago. I decided not to confuse my fan base any more. Mia only writes male/male. Katie writes male/female. Both write menages.

Between the various pen names, I have written over thirty books. Twenty nine are currently published with the others contracted. I have no intention of stopping any time soon. So that's my professional resume.

I try to keep the online personal stuff limited because of the backlash I'd get for telling those around me what I do. Relationships matter. I found out the hard way that not everyone approves of writing romance novels with erotic elements. However, I have two nieces I adore (those who read my blog get very used to my "nieces". I'll let you interpret "nieces" how you want to). I have a cat and I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I love it here, cold weather and all.

If you're looking for me on the Internet, you can try:
My website:
My blog:
Facebook: Mia Watts
Twitter: MiaWatts
(you're getting the theme here, right?)
On Thursdays... well, I'm here, aren't I?
On Tuesdays:
and sometimes I write for other blogs once a month.

I'm just really glad to be here. Thank you 3W for inviting me. I'm honored and I'll try to do you proud. Which is totally different than saying, "I'll try to do you, proud." Which means something all together different. *ahem*



Regina Carlysle said...

Oh me oh my, Mia. You totally crack me up. We're thrilled to have you here and yes, you can even drop your panties from time to time. We'll promise not to comment on that. Yes, we'll look away! LOL. Of course, we'll have to keep an eye on Allie who has a badass pink phone and she's constantly taking pics with it. So no, don't drop your panties around Allie!

On a serious note, you DO have to be careful with those relationships. Sometimes it's odd to realize how people whom we don't expect to be offended by what we do, often ARE. It's pretty damn troubling. So YAY on the super secret pen names and yay for the work you continue to do, my darlin'. And a big fat welcome to our little spot in the world

Unknown said...

In true Mia style she starts off with a bang! Thanks for the morning laugh and I'm glad you've joined these awesome ladies!

Jen B. said...

Regina is right. People are weird and judgy. I still can't tell everyone that I read erotic romance so I can't even imagine having to tell people I write it! I'll have to check out your online persona.

Molly Daniels said...

I've only read one Mia book, and (so far) all of Katie's:) Soooooo glad to hear she's out of her 'coma'!!

Your writing schedule scares me, but if it works for you, then write, write, write:)

Good to see you here!

Mia Watts said...

Regina!!!! Hello my sweet Texas rose! Folks, I've known Reggie from three pen names ago. This woman is as true as they get. She's exactly the same in person as she is online, and FUNNY! God, you make me laugh.

:)Thanks for being my first comment and my private email supporter. Love you!

Mia Watts said...

Amber, LOL, I'm really glad I made you laugh. The fear was that there would be the buh-dum-dump ching problem with corniness. Sooo not a good place to end up. ;)

Thanks for stopping in to say hi.

Mia Watts said...

Jen B, just don't go looking through the lingerie drawer, it's a mess in there. Plus it's where I keep my, erm, toys. Because no one would EVER think to look there. *blink* *blink*

Mia Watts said...

Hey Moll! Remember back when you used to write blogs and I had no idea I'd be in them? LOL. Back wayyyy before you put anything into print? Did you ever foresee all the craziness of the last few years?

Wow, what a whirlwind. As to that schedule? Yeah, I'm a weak behind already. I have a book to finish today. A book to polish by the end of the weekend for a new publisher, and another one to write and submit before the end of the month. Minimum. If I can fit in a short story for Katie, I gotta do that too.

Dear Scientists, this is why we need cloning. The End.

Regina Carlysle said...

Yeah, cloning would be nice wouldn't it? I try so hard to prioritize and compartmentalize but it often is just futile.

Harlie Williams said...

She is funny. Thanks for the post and welcome. I'm a reader and a wanna be writer. Glad you are here.

Harlie Williams said...

I can't believe that he hit on you! Must be bi or just weird! Thanks for the laugh.

C. Zampa said...

Hey there, Mia! Enjoyed your post!

Simone Anderson said...

Mia- terrific blog! Too funny. Judgemental people take the fun out life.

Jess Jarman said...

Girl, you even started with your smexy it. :) So happy to have another place to get a Mia fix. Because you brighten my day. Mwah.

Bronwyn Green said...

MIA!!! I'm so glad you have another outlet for all your pantie-dropping craziness! :D

I love your books - all of them - no matter what name you're using! :D

*waves* Hi Regina! :D

Mia Watts said...

Hi Harlie, thanks for the welcome. I'm already feeling like I fit in with this crowd. It's a beautiful thing.

Mia Watts said...

Harlie, he totally hit on me!! He's married and said his wife was cool with it. OMG! Like I'd do that!

Oh and you'll come to learn that I have a married man magnet on me somewhere. I don't get it.

Jane said...

Your super secret pen names and my super secret penname should get together and hang out sometimes.

Mia Watts said...

C., Simone, Jess, thanks! I was trying for sexy, I think I got late flu season hoarse. LOL. And the smokey eye look became an OMGIhaveaneyelashinthere! twitch. So not attractive.

Mia Watts said...

Reggie, Bron I'm just glad to have such a welcoming audience. I can handle the once a week blogging gig. LOL. Might have to work on the daily blogging a bit more though.

Mia Watts said...

Jennifer, They should! We'd have a royal we party. You know that song, let's get the party started, by Pink? I'm beginning to think that the reason the party can't get started 'til I get there is because I am all the guests. LOL.