Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Writing without reason

I've been asked a lot about how to write. I'm not sure I have the correct answer. However I remember my fab editor from the Wild Rose Press did a workshop last year that might help people get back into the rhythm or at least jump start the muse.
So here's the following blog from my time at the WRP retreat! Let me know if this exercise works for you. Or share the story you came up with. 

So I made it through my weekend in the Texas Hill Country. The Wild Rose Press held it's writing retreat and I had a blast. First off I stayed in the Wyatt Earp room that's supposed to haunted. From the noises that woke me up on and off Saturday night I'm thinking they're right. Nothing creepy, but highly interesting.
Brenna Zinn and I did our co-writing workshop. I think it went well as no one threw frogs or rotten fruit at me. I'm pretty easy to please in that manner.
My Scarlett Rose Editor Diana did her own workshop and a good time was had by all. The idea behind her workshop was to jump start the muse. A button, CD, bracelet, cracker, note clip and a bottle of bubbles. What do these items have in common? They were all in my brown bag and I had to write a short story that included all the items. The second bag contained a triple A battery, plastic fork, fly catcher, safety pin, and again a bottle of bubbles. Fifteen minutes was the time limit and it shows in my writing. My notebook looks like a drunk first grader wrote it. The spelling isn't that much better. Just goes to show you how dependent I am on my computer's spell check.
So to get your Wednesday started off right I'm going to put my hard earned work here for all of you to read. There are two parts to the story, but I'm combining both of them here. I'll separate them to give you an idea of the difficulty of this project.

Invasion Of Evil Frogs From Outer Space
By: Allie Standifer

Diana slowly ate the stale cracker while waiting for the Elvin bracelet dangling innocently on her slim wrist to light up. Nikki's note, clipped in its holder had her stomach and hands clenching in nervous anticipation.
Jumping from the bar stoll the button on her pink catsuit caught on the chair's saddle horn and fell to the floor with a soft ping. Frustration and fear grew as she jammed her favorite CD in and cranked the music up. The wild Polka beat filled the empty space as Diana's pulse pounded with fearful energy.
Her fingers nervously twirled a strand of long silver and pink hair that had fallen loose from her pony tail.
Could the prophesy be come true, in the middle of nowhere, TX? The writing on the note burned into her mind.
Pender's Frogs were finally making their move to enslave the world under their influence of evil. Only the bubble of Avalon could stop the invasion of the devil's minions, but would the magic potion arrive in time? Or were they forever doomed to live under the dominion of the slime monsters?

2nd Bag
"Diane?" Boch interrupted her thoughts. "We've found another way to stop the frog horde."
Heart afraid to hope, she looked over at her green haired leprechaun lover. "We're running out of time. New York, New Orleans and Padre Island have already fallen."
"They didn't have this," Boch protested holding a green fly catcher in his hand.
Her pale slim hand flew to her throat in a nervous gesture. "Will it work?"
He lifted a green brow. "Austin took back the city using these attached to a fork and powered with a triple A battery."
"Boch, we're saved. The evil Pender's forces won't be able to defeat your brillance."
"I know," he smugly told her. "Let's have sex to celebrate. I've come prepared."
In the center of his lightly green tinged palm Boch held out a familiar blue packet and white tipped safety pin.
Diana's heart raced in raw desire. "You know me so well." In one swift tug the catsuit minus a button fell to the floor.
Boch mirrored her actions then used his teeth to tear open the foil.
Looking down Diana flinched. "My God," she exclaimed, "will it fit?"
Boch only laughed and said, "That's what the bubbles are for, baby."

Yeah, I know it's no Desiree Holt, but for the amount of time I had I didn't suck too bad. Be sure and let me know what you think. Have a great week people!


Harlie Williams said...

Allie, I think they are great considering. You did way better than I would have.

Harlie Williams said...

Also, found some ChocoVine in the boondocks where we were on vacation...YUM!

Mia Watts said...

I'm confused but I'm all on board with loving it. :)