Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I wanna know your dirty little secrets...

People hear romance novel and automatically think easy sex, dumb blond with big boobs and small brain, right? (Picture me repeatedly slamming head into desk) I know I know ignorance is contagious, but I didn't realize stupidity was as well.

Awwww, I feel better now. Ranted and got that nasty monkey off my back. Now let's get to this week's topic. Are you a dirty girl? Do you dream about being kidnapped by hot alien men? Or are you more into eternal love with a man on a permanent liquid diet?

Think about what you like, your favorite authors then stop. With the answers pinging back and forth in the vast emptiness of your mind fill in a few questions for, you won't be graded. Jeez, you think I've got the time or attention span to grade you people...oh please. I'm running an imaginary world with death threats, mutiny and sex harassment and everything.

I read my favorite author because___________

Her/His heros make me feel______________

His/Her heroines are__________________

The one thing I enjoy the most _____________________

This author always makes me_____________________

Okay, now suppose JUST suppose your favorite authors were imprisoned in my dungeon (Hey, it's my world I'll do what I want). No new books by these fab people coming out for the next six months or so. What do you do? Why you check out new authors of course. No, you do not come to my castle and try to break into the dungeon. I have sexy hot Scottish guards protecting my interest. They will do bad and possibly enjoyable things to you. Umm, I mean they will...oh heck never mind. I'll have all of you storming my castle now, attacking my poor half naked royal guards.

New authors how do you pick them, why do you pick them & where do you go to pick them from? Ha, that sounds kind of kinky when you think about it. Hmmm, so formulate your answers then add them to the list I made above. No, Elece, I still won't be grading these. Though each time you ask me it will cost you a drink at the bar!!

I go to ________________ to find new authors.

I always look in ___________ for new books or authors to read.

If an author can make me _____________ I'll buy her .

I liked book A from this author which means I'll__________ her backlist.

When I find a new writer I really enjoy I _________________.

Now, be good peoples & share with the rest of the class your thoughts, observations and whatnot. We're all dying to know. Plus I'm nosy to begin with.

Have a great week people!!


Eileen said...

So here are my answers:
1. I read my favorite author because he/she writes wonderful stories about people I am interested in knowing and watch them deal with life. that is such a broad statement but that pretty much covers all genres and all my authors.
2. The heroes make me feel that there is good out there in people if you take the time to look for it in them.
3. The heroines are usually stronger than they think they are but need to come into their own with some help. They can be very strongly opinionated gals with a mind of their own.
4. The one thing I enjoy the most is the growth in the characters when they find love.
5. The author always wants me wanting more. I look forward to the next book in the series or another story.
6 and 7. I go to GoodReads, friends, my library, blogs, my bookclub to look for new authors. Sometimes I browse what is newly release to find new books. What is incredible the number of friends I now I have that are reviewers. They are always making suggestions.
8. If an author can make me feel a strong emotion I will buy her. If the story is making me LOL or cry in parts, or even feeling heartwrenching torture like the characters YOU have moved me. That will usually do it for me.
9. yes i will go check out her backlist and read them too. Sometimes I have a bad habit of reading a series out of order. I have to get the rest and read them all.
10. When I find a new author I recommend him/her to my family and friends. If I have the paperback I pass it forward. I also rate it a good rating and hopefully it catches on with those that are looking for something new to read.

Elece said...

Oooookay...let me try again since blogger lost my last novel size post. :0/. HA, Allie! I cannot help my anal retentiveness, but to be honest, I now owe you two and a half drinks! Lmao!! I'm giving you fair warning--I'm PMSing, so I'll be cheesy as all get-out!

~I read my favorite author(s) because--they take me away.
~Her/his heroes make me feel--like I did when I was younger about love and HEAs.
~His/her heroines are--feisty, funny and always find a man who loves and accepts them for who they are.
~The one thing I enjoy most--is when I read, in that moment, I'm wrapped up in the world of their words.
~This author always makes me--feel like HEAs are possible, and that love can truly conquer the odds (until I shut off my phone. Lol!).

~I go to--FB and loops--to find new authors.
~I always look in--amazon kindle--for new books or authors to read.
~If an author can make me--laugh or intrigued--I'll buy her.
~I like book A from this author which means I'll--check out her other books and most likely buy most of--her backlist.
~When I find a new writer, I really enjoy--reading/learning her style of writing. I also love getting to know them personally through loops and FB. It makes reading their stories so much more!

Did I pass?! Damn! Now I owe you another. Lol!! Between Brenna and I, you're gonna have one helluva time!! ;0)))

Jen B. said...

I read my favorite author because it is pure fantasy. I am transported to somewhere else.

Her/His heros make me feel like I have an old friend I love. Or, like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Or, like going to the gym. Or, wish I could do magic. Etc...

His/Her heroines are smart, self-sufficient, the only woman the hero can ever imagine loving.

The one thing I enjoy the most is the escapism.

This author always makes me feel so awed that they are so creative. I always want more.

I go to lots of different places to find new authors. My list includes friends, family, library, bookstore, Amazon, All Romance eBpoks, Goodreads, Blog sites, author recommendations and freebies at the sites listed above.

I always look in blog/author sites for new books or authors to read.

If an author can make me fall in love or laugh out loud (both is even better) I'll buy her .

I liked book A from this author which means I'll buy her backlist. Normally this involves trying to find deals and coupons so I can buy everything available to read as fast as possible and then get sad because I have to wait for the next book.

When I find a new writer I really enjoy I buy lots of books and tell everyone I know about the book so others will enjoy it too. I have recently added writing reviews for everything. I figure I can try and spread the word to as many people as possible.

Do I pass?!

Tess MacKall said...

Hmmm...I thought you wanted to know my dirty little secrets. I was ready to spill too! lol

Harlie Williams said...

Here are my answers:
1. I read my favorite author becuase she makes me sigh and wish
2. Her heros make me fell hot and tingling
3. Her heroines are always strong
4. The one thing I enjoy most is that her heros are really just softies.
5. This author always makes me laugh, cry and sigh.

1. I go to friends & publisher websites to find new authors
2. I always look in newsletters/websites for new books or authors to read
3. If an author can make me laugh, I'll buy her
4. I liked book A from this author which means I'll buy her back list
5. When I find a new writer I really enjoy I share it w/friends.

Harlie Williams said...

Just posted my answers, Ms. Nosy. Are you doing Market Research now? I actually had to think about my answers and I'm still not completely recover from Slitterbaun and the Comal River.

You are truly evil sometimes. LOL!

Allie Standifer said...

No, I'm not doing marketing research. I'm really just this nosy. I'm hesitate to pick up new authors so I wondered if everyone else would be too. Glad to see I'm the only wuss in the group.
I loved the answers & wish more people would have shared their thoughts. Oh well, my hats off to the brave few who answered! Smooches & all that jazz!!

Molly Daniels said...

1) b/c I like the worlds she builds and I can get lost in the story.

2) I like a strong man whose not afraid to admit his feelings:)

3) I feel I can relate to the heroine's issues.

4) I'll agree; I like to see characters grow.

5) Wanting more, whether it's the next book in a series or more of her amazing talent.

6) I generally find new authors during chats or interviews.

7) Same as above, and take my friends' advice.

8) Laugh; relate to the character in an excerpt

9) Yes, I'll check out her back list:)

And 10) I'll shout her name to the world and recommend her books to everyone I meet:)

Harlie Williams said...

Since I'm a book ho and a reviewer, I guess its easier for me to find new authors. That's why I decided to become a reviewer. To find new authors and genres. I got out of my box and really broaden my horizons.

I still love you, though. And yes, I wish more people had responded.

Allie Standifer said...


You forgot to write in big pink letters that I'm your favorite!!! I'll go cry in my martini now!

Harlie Williams said...

So sorry my liege...never again will I fail you. Please no crying in the martini!

Harlie Williams said...

Don't waste a perfectly good martini with tears. The salt's not good in it.

Allie Standifer said...

Fine, but only because I ran out of vodka!!!

LisaLee said...

Oh Allie...Can I still respond..a day

Actually it will be two posts. I am like Harlie Reader, I was going to tell all or at least some of my coveted secrets, desires and fantasies...

But stop the I need to rethink my response to the post and dig deep into why I read the authors I do...oh will need to give me a moment.. I love so many things that is why I am a lady of mystery.

LisaLee said...

Wow!! Took longer for me to put my thoughts together...

First, my responses will not be in numerical order..hehe. When replying to all the questions you asked or want clarified; the answers will be given through a "conversation" paragraph.

Most important, I read my favorite author(s) and their stories because they take me visually to a new land/location/galaxy..."paint me a picture" to "see it".

I love a story that when reading I can be standing in the heroines shoes and want to trade places with her and let the hero (heroes) have his (their) way with me. Oh Yeah!! Make me feel like a woman who is getting her needs taken care of. ALL of her needs!

The hero/heroes protect and love their heroine inside and her for her, unconditionally. And they are strong enough to show emotion but stand firm when in “Protection" mode.

The author makes me feel like there is hope in an unforgiving world.

If you were to put my favorite author(s) in your dungeon; I would be so mad. Especially if they were writing a series that the characters have imprisoned me into their story. I want to know what happens and I do not want to wait for you to release them.

Your Scottish guards could try to detain me, but I would let them have their way with me and then turn their desires back on them..Oh yeah I can see it now.

In the mean time, finding a new author is liking finding a needle in a haystack some times. It is rare to find but when found you definitely know what the "point" I go to Good Reads, backlists, new releases at Ellora’s Cave, reviewers blogs or special occasions checking out the "savings in the vault" never know where that needle may be so you need to stay sharp looking for it.

When I find that "needle" or "diamond in the rough" I let the author know what my thoughts are by sending a review or comment through chat groups, on their blog, or leave a comment on the publishers website in reviews.

Allie...great blog to make me/us reach down deep and admit and find what we like...very thought provoking.


Mia Watts said...

I read my favorite author because she makes me laugh.
Her/His heros make me feel tummy flipping hot.
His/Her heroines are sassy and witty
The one thing I enjoy the most humor
This author always makes me come back for more.
I go to various epubs to find new authors.
I always look in romance for new books or authors to read.
If an author can make me laugh I'll buy her.
I liked book A from this author which means I'll review her backlist.
When I find a new writer I really enjoy I tell everyone.