Monday, August 8, 2011

Dancin' With The Dog!!!!

From time to time one of the kids will dance with the dog. Yeah, we have a dog that loves to dance. You know when two boxers are sparring and they sway left, then right, circling each other? Well, that’s how the dance starts. One of them will walk up to the dog and sway left and right. The dog will jump up and start doing the same thing. Then they start to circle the dog and the dog does the same. Before you know it, the dog will jump up and put both paws on the kid’s shoulders and that’s how it’s done!

I’ve never danced with the dog before. But yesterday I went to bed at three in the afternoon, didn’t get up till ten last night, and then went back to bed and slept through till seven this morning. I was feeling kind of frisky. So, all alone—no one up yet but me—I danced with the dog. Now this is the same dog that will not let me in the boy’s room after he is in bed. Nope, she won’t. She’ll bite me. But during the day? She’s as sweet and loving as can be. She’s just got a thing about guarding the boy when he is in sleep mode.

I needed to do something silly I guess. God knows something needs to give with me. From Regina I’ve learned that my head can explode—and has done exactly that a whole lot of times. From Allie I’ve learned that I’m an occasional window licker. Note I try not to get caught doing the window licking as surely someone will send out the men in white coats and their net! But window licking can be fun.

Just like dancin’ with the dog.

I read an article once that said when you get up in the morning you should go to the mirror and give yourself a big old smile to start the day. That smile supposedly sets the tone. So I kind of figured that dancin’ with the dog would do ten or twelve times the work of just one smile. And it did for a while. LOL

Then reality set in.

I’m behind on everything. Can’t think straight—still suffering from FRIED BRAIN SYNDROME—and have yet to find a house for my big move! Life is hectic right now. And uncertain. I don’t like uncertain, being in limbo, holding my breath. NO!!!

But this morning I felt like shaking my booty! Yeah, I danced with the dog and now I want to buy a hoola hoop. I just finished doing the hula for everyone in the house. Jaws dropped. Yeah, they did. They didn’t find it at all entertaining. I thought I was pretty good. Apparently I don’t need to be moving to Hawaii and applying for any hula dancer jobs, though. Hmpf…where is their sense of humor?

So that didn’t bring a smile. As a result, I started singing. Yep, The Banana Boat Song! They left the room, doors slammed all over the house. As if THAT’S gonna keep me out. Nope. I feel like dancin’ with dogs, hoola hooping, and hula dancing, and singing. WTF is wrong with these people? It’s rare I feel this way. They need to get with the damn program. And they will or there’s gonna be HELL to pay for it!!!

Hmmm…feeling more like my old self now. Yeah, cold water thrown on my happiness. Yep, that’ll do it. No more Banana Boat Song. No more dancin’ with the dog. No more hoola hooping. Well, if that’s the way my kids want me????

Hee hee hee…Mommy Dearest IS BAAAAACK!!!!!

Now…about slamming those doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Harlie Williams said...

Good for you Tess! You cares what the kids think. You go for it and don't worry about the house. You'll find one.

Harlie Williams said...

BTW, there is nothing wrong with hulu dancing. Its freeing and your kids just don't get it!

Cathy (Corbin) Keevill said...

Honey, I love the way you think. Dance it up girl and yodel away with the radio too. And if that doesn't embarrass the kids enough, I'll teach you the parking lot shuffle behind the grocery cart... even I have to admit that's humiliating for a teenager!
Enjoy every minute, it's what makes life sweet.

Tess MacKall said...

LOL...thanks Harlie! I better find a house and soon! Or we'll be sleeping in the parking lot. lol

Tess MacKall said...

Ohhhh Cathy...I LOVE embarrassing them. Truly do. Dancing in stores, waving at strangers at the stoplight, dancing while driving. Singing is the best of all, though. My voice can break things I'm told. LOL I may call upon you for some advice!

Eileen said...

Your post made me smile this morning because I use to do the same thing. I love to sing but my kids cringe when I belt it out! But I had them captive in the car when I did it. Yup! couldn't go anywhere!
good luck with the house search.