Monday, August 22, 2011

Is Chivalry Really Dead?

First of all, I’m not here. Nope. I’m just a fig newton of your imagination. My post is here. And, of course, I promoted it before I left town this morning. But I am physically away from my computer today. I’m driving down to the coast to take some measurements at my new house and get the utilities turned on. So carry on without me. I’ll be around tonight and jump right in!

So what’s my gripe today?

To all of those head doctors who seem to think that reading romance novels is rotting my brain: “Up Yours!” Reading romance novels is a helluva lot better than what I deal with in reality. Thank GOD we have the imagination to give a woman something to hope for! If I had to live with some of the NEANDERTHALS I encounter on a daily basis while innocently running my errands, I’d be in prison.

When did men stop holding the door for a lady? And it’s worse than that. They don’t even wait for the lady to enter first. They go into a building and if you’re lucky, they will hold the door open just long enough to keep it from cold-cocking your ass! Just two days ago I had to literally do a little hop backwards to keep from getting a knot on my head. NO JOKE!

And all that just so he could get to the register first? PUHLEEEEZE!!!! So I said to the dude—who was looking right smug about having gotten in line before me—“HEY! Raised by wolves?”
Yeah, I did. The look I gave him was intended to make him sweat. Instead, he simply shrugged. No guilt whatsoever. Yep, he was raised by wolves all right.

C’mon MAMAs of the world! Do something. Teach these boys some manners!

Am I the only one who has noticed a total lack of manners when it comes to men vs. women? Is chivalry really dead? 


Laurann Dohner said...

LOL! I'd say it depends on where you live. We moved to Texas and OMG...they were sweet! I never opened my own door. (Army guys though mostly) I was pregnant though but yeah. Men opened and held doors for me. They rushed to help me put groceries inside the trunk. I always said thank you, told them I appreciated it, and smiled. (I think that helps encourage them when you find men still doing it! LOL) I remember a neighbor coming over to help me water the grass. It was hot and he said I should sit in the shade. Now that we're back in California...(COUGH) Not so much! LOL!

I have single friends who tell me about their dates. My jaw drops. I haven't dated in a LONG time (mutters under my breath...1990) but... it used to be guys opened doors, paid for the date, and were polite. I hear horror stories of men expecting them to pay (I can SEE this if the woman asked him out but the men asked!), waiting for the women to open their doors, and during friend said a guy actually said "If you're putting out I'll get the check but if not, we'll split it." OMG! I would have dumped something over his head before I left. So yeah...I think it's dying in most cases but it's still alive in some pockets of the planet thankfully! LOL! Great post.

Molly Daniels said...

When I was dating, I'd 'test' the guy when it came to the car: If he opened the car door for me both entering and exiting, he was going to be all right. But if he didn't...chances are we didn't have a 2nd date.

And I instructed my oldest son about manners; he cracked me up in the 2nd grade when he came home, all smiles.

K: Mom, today I was the leader of the boys and Kate was the leader of the girls for lunch. I got to the cafeteria before she did, and held the door open for her and the girls. The guys were a little mad at me....

I hugged him. Chivalrous at age 8:) And yes, twelve years later, he still treats women with respect:) Now, to get my youngling to do the same....

Tess MacKall said...

If you're putting out?

OMG...I'd have killed him! I think maybe geographical location can play a part in it. However, I'm in the SOUTH. This is the hub of good manners. Or is supposed to be.

But I'm noticing it happening with the younger guys. It's very very rare to see a guy under the age of 30 holding a door these days. But trust me---my kid holds doors. He'd be an orphan if he didn't.

And the military dudes are much more polite than just about everyone else!

Tess MacKall said...

Ahhhh Molly. That is a sweet sweet story. My kid holds doors. But guys around him won't. It's up to us Moms to make them understand that those little gestures go a long way in making a guy, well...a wonderful guy!

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