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Welcome Guest Blogger Mona Risk

Regina, thank you for hosting me on your beautiful blog. I have been looking forward to visiting with you and chatting about my new paranormal fantasy.

If you ever thought that gods are saints, you are in for a big surprise. Let me introduce our readers to the Egyptian mythology that abounds with tales of passion, tragedy and war, such as the myth of Isis and Osiris.
Two years ago, I had the unique opportunity to cruise along the Nile River and tour the monuments of Ancient Egypt. Hundreds of pictures, brochures about Egyptian gods, and a map of Ancient Egypt helped me create the exotic setting of my new paranormal fantasy: OSIRIS’ MISSING PART.

Here is an excerpt from chapter one that will help you understand the premise of the story and give you a taste of the Pharaonic mentality:
A sigh escaped Isis’ quivering lips. Unable to detach her gaze from the area that should have harbored Osiris’ fabulous shaft and now displayed a human penis, void of supernatural power, she debated how to reveal the tragedy.
“You’re alive and awake.” To reassure him, she caressed his chest with her open palm and leaned forward to rain kisses over his taut flesh.
Her loving gesture elicited another growl of frustration. With a disgusted grunt, Osiris grabbed her hand and lowered it between his thighs. “This is not my glorious member, my pride. Isis, my godly power is missing. What happened?” His voice curt, his tone impatient, Almighty Osiris scrambled to a sitting position in the wooden coffin. “Where is my own penis?” His thunderous voice echoed across the clouded skies. “Answer me, woman.”
“I wish I knew.” Dejection snaked around her heart. “After Seth trapped you, he killed you, and—”
“My brother killed me?” Osiris sprang to his feet and stepped out of the sarcophagus. His legs wobbled and his knees buckled for a brief instant. Adversity hadn’t affected his beautiful features and superb body.
Long dark hair floated over his shoulders with a few strands shadowing his noble forehead. The balsamic spicy and citrus scents of holy oils used to embalm his body wafted in the warm midday air. His pulse throbbed at the base of his throat, and muscles rippled across his powerful chest.
With a mighty kick, he cracked and splintered his former coffin and hurled it into the river. The energy of his rage grazed her skin. Isis jolted backward and suppressed a smile of relief. He was recovering his strength more quickly than expected. No bruises, scars, or bumps marred his grayish-pale complexion. His tattoo of a golden and green Atef-crown topped by a blue eye still circled his upper arm. Isis had wrapped it in papyrus to protect any fading during his death. She congratulated herself on a successful healing.
“And then he chopped your body into fourteen pieces and flung them all over Egypt. I looked for them—”
“He chopped me into fourteen pieces?” Osiris fisted his hands and ground his teeth, his face flashing with revulsion. The onyx color of his eyes shone with bloody beads. “Wait ’til I get my hands on that lowly scorpion. I’ll—”
“My love, I found thirteen of the pieces.” Resentment boiled in her heart as she assessed Osiris’ human penis. Damn you Seth. I’ll shred your balls with my own nails.
“Only thirteen?” A deep grunt wrenched from Osiris chest.
Isis exhaled and scowled. He hadn’t even thanked her for her monumental effort. “For a full year, I combed the reeds and papyrus along the Nile banks, climbed the rocky hills, and marched through the dunes of the burning desert to search for your body parts. Each time I found a piece, I staged a mock funeral to trick Seth into believing I buried you.” She broke down and covered her face with her hands.
The breeze carried a refreshing aroma of mint and thyme mingled with the sweet fragrance of ripe dates. She inhaled deeply, seeking calm, but her anger escalated to a hissed string of curses directed at her lover’s brother.
“Isis,” Osiris said, shifting tormented eyes toward her. “How did you bring me back to life?”
“A few minutes ago, a wooden raft dropped me off on the shore with your coffin.” She had dragged the heavy box away from the water, thrown her bag under a tree and shed her soaking garments. Choosing her words, she explained how she’d reassembled him like a precious puzzle.
His features warped with pain, fear and fury.
“I think I removed most of the spells that Seth cast upon you,” she added to appease him.
His gaze flitted to his belly and his hand covered the human organ that surely shamed him. “But you never found the fourteenth piece? My male member where my power is stored?”
Typical man, he has been brought back from the dead and all he can think of is his manhood.
“Unfortunately not. But I replaced it with one I took from a dying soldier to make you whole again.”
“Isis?” His eyes widened with horror and dropped to his groin. “It’s human, not godly.”
“It’s the best I could do under the circumstances. But my donor was a giant well endowed. You won’t feel too much difference.”
“Are you comparing this despicable human flesh to my supernatural cock?”

Blurb: According to the legend, the evil god of storm, Seth, killed his brother Osiris, chopped him into fourteen pieces and flung them all over Egypt. Isis, goddess of family, reassembled thirteen of his body parts. Since she couldn’t find his supernatural male member where his godly power was stored, she reattached a human one.
Isis has always loved Osiris, the charming god of labor every woman adores. While dreaming of marriage, family and a son, she helps him fight Seth. His trip to the Afterlife has changed Osiris. Now, he regrets his past womanizing. Guided by oracles Isis utters when they make love, they search lands and seas until they find Osiris’ missing organ and he recovers his godly attributes. Osiris has fallen in love with Isis but the sins of his past and their unexpected consequences threaten to separate them more painfully than Seth’s mayhem and curses.
Buy link at Ellora’s Cave Blush $5.24:

Night Owl Review: 4*~ Mona Risk draws upon Egypt and the mythology of the Egyptian gods. Join her for the adventure as she takes you on a trip into the past and into an enjoyable realm
Steph Burkhart on Amazon: 5*~The most rewarding aspect of the story was the characterization of Isis and Osiris. While gods and capable of supernatural achievements, both have very human hearts. The novel is sophisticated for romance readers with love scenes that are graphic, sensual, and tasteful. Risk's imagination shines against the lush backdrop of ancient Egypt. "Osiris' Missing Part" is a wonderful escape to another time and place that proves love does conquer all.

Mona Risk is a multipublished award-winning author with two international romantic suspense novels available at Ellora’s Cave, Blush. TO LOVE A HERO and FRENCH PERIL. Her contemporary romances, BABIES IN THE BARGAIN, Rx for TRUST and Rx in RUSSIAN are published by The Wild Rose Press. Her books received stellar reviews, have been Finalist in EPICON, Best Book of The Week at The Long And The Short Reviews, and won Best Contemporary Novel of the Year at Readers Favorite, and Preditors & Editors. All her books are available as ebooks or print at the publisher,, Fictionwise, Barnes&,…


Mona Risk said...

Thank you Regina for hosting me on this lovely blog.

StephB said...

I absolutely loved this story. You put a very human face on Isis and Osiris and that's what makes the story shine. Thanks for sharing your pictures and passion for Egypt.


Judy said...

Glad to see you sharing your story, Mona. As always your stories are full of interesting facts and places.

Barbara Monajem said...

LOL -- I always find it fascinating how very human (and often badly-behaved) the ancient gods were. ;)

Toni V.S. said...

Those gods of yore were more human than their subjects...and that's what makes them so interesting. SOundslike a great story, Mona!

Mona Risk said...

Hi Steph, I am so glad you enjoyed the story of Isis and Osiris, and the armchair travel through Ancient Egypt.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Judy, I love to share the fantastic places I visited with my readers. After Russia, France and Greece, here is Egypt.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Barbara, I told you, gods were far from being saints. LOL. Their followers worshiped them because they needed them, or were afraid of them. A few like Isis and Osiris were really generous gods,.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Toni, they shared passion, hatred, greed, jealousy, same as their human subjects. But in addition, they could weave some magic tricks that won them respect.

Mary Marvella said...

A male is a male, even a god. Always concerned about his equipment. This story is sure to have a lot of laughs and smiles because of the subject matter and the author.

Keena Kincaid said...

I can't stop laughing! I love how singularly focused Osiris is. No matter what Isis did or says, he's concerned with only one thing.


Mona Risk said...

Ow, Mary, I was laughing so much while writing the manuscript, my husband often asked what was funny. But I often got a dubious hmmm. Men!

Mona Risk said...

Oh well, Keena, his concern is not godly anymore but only human. He's going to move heaven and earth to find his godly attribute.

Mary Ricksen said...

I have come to expect to see vibrant sights described by Mona, whose imagery paints a picture for me, of places I have never been.
But looking for Oliris part surprised me! It only proves that Mona is one talented and versatile author!
You always amaze me! This is my kind of Historical Romance. It's got that paranormal element I love in a story!

Minx Malone said...

This looks like so much fun! I can't wait to check it out. I'm so glad to see more books about ancient Egypt. One of the first I wrote was set in the "New Kingdom" period and a beast to research.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Mary, this story has it all paranormal, fantasy, historical, humor, suspense, emotion...I know you will wenjoy it.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Minx, glad to meet another author writing about Ancient Egypt. Osiris' Missing Part is a fun fantasy with a tongue-in-cheek style in Isis' POV and a lot of emotion in Osiris' POV. Obviously!The poor guy lost something important. LOL

Maggie Toussaint said...

Mona, I love the tone of your Egyptian story. Your characters are so different. Isis is loyal and in love with him. He's angry and hurt and vulnerable in his formerly sacred place of power. That hurts.

Best wishes for great sales!!!


Karen Michelle Nutt said...

This sounds like my kind of story. Historical Romance with a paranormal element.

I love how you take the reader to places you've actually been.

Good luck with your book!

Molly Daniels said...

I can hardly wait to read this! I love your books, Ms Mona:)

LOL! WV: 'oxymonc'! I found it amusing:)

Georgie Lee said...

I love ancient Egyptian mythology. I fell in love with it in junior high after discovering Greek mythology. The stories are wonderful and beautiful.

Scarlet Pumpernickel said...

Mona, facinating topic. I love mythology. I look forward to reading your new work.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Maggie, thank you for stopping by. You have a good grasp of Isis and Osiris' characters. He's the former womanizer, now deeply wounded and reformed. She's the faithful lover.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Karen, I aleady started writing my manuscript when I visited Egypt and grilled our guides with all sorts of questions. One of them blushed and gave me his web references saying that as a good Muslim he couldn't answer some questions. I bit my tongue after that.LOL I love setting my stories in foreign places I visited, Russia, France, Greece...

Mona Risk said...

Molly, you are so good to my writing ego. I don't have your email. Can you please email me off loop at

Mona Risk said...

Hi Georgie, after visiting Greece and Egypt, and comparing monuments and mythology, I found that the Egyptian gods were more faithful to their lovers or spouses and better behaved, LOL. In fact the Egyptian monuments are by far better preserved than the Greek ones. Maybe because Greece is closer to the sea and the humidity eats at the old stones. In Egypt the dryness of the desert really protected the 4000 year old temples and tombs.

Mona Risk said...

Scarlet, thank you. I can't wait to hear your comments.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Regina, thank you for hosting me. I enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

P.L. Parker said...

Great post - again! Mona, you have such imagination and I truly envy your travel experiences. Good luck on sales, the book sounds wonderful. I love the concept!