Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Countdown to Romanticon

Note: Please welcome my guest Elece Faberov. She's an aspiring author, a super ROCKIN' friend, and a first time attendee of Ellora's Cave's Romanticon 2011. She has kindly volunteered to blog for me today since I have a short road trip planned today. I'll be back next week with my report of the comings and goings of Romanticon. Will definitely be ready to DISH! Big love...Reg.

Countdown to Romanticon
By Elece Faberov

Can you feel the excitement? The Romanticon countdown is almost over. Only one or two more days depending on which day you’re arriving. Needless to say, the explosion of women ready to take a load off will be quite the event.

For a green behind the ears convention virgin like myself, the anticipation has been killing me. I discovered this jewel of a gathering while trolling the Ellora’s Cave site for submission guidelines. I joined the yahoo group immediately and posted an email about my fear of coming alone. The first reply came moments later, encouraging me to attend. Since this is a Tuesday, and we all know whose post this should be...you guessed it, the ever-charming Texan and sweet as pie Regina Carlysle.

As they say, the rest is history. Oh hell, more like we’re going to make history! For those of you who know me, you’ll understand the quick change in gears of this post.

I can’t wait until tomorrow to prance my happy ass onto an airplane then fly with gritted teeth, clutching the gag bag through the friendly skies until it dumps me safely in Akron, Ohio. Five-inch heels and all, I’ll race to get my oversized luggage, find my limo (I’m not that pretentious ladies, that’s what they’re calling car service these days) and ride through unfamiliar territory to the hotel. Don’t worry, I have my meds lined up and will be fine by the time most of you arrive on Thursday. I apologize now to Valerie Tibbs whom I’m having dinner with shortly after my plane lands.

Thursday will be a blur of registration and meeting every one of you fine ladies I have come to know online. I have pictures of most of you, so there will be no escaping the mohawked ninja’s hugs and kisses. Yes, there will be many, but I promise no slobbering in my excitement.

Friday, not the day, but what I’ll be doing that day, is why I’ll have a drink glued to my hand from the moment I walk through the hotel days prior. Well, that, and St. Germain, club soda and orange slices in a tall glass and I are quite friendly. I’ll be pitching my story at 12:30 and haven’t a clue of what to say. Many offers of help have been offered, and I plan on taking each of you up on them. A drink in exchange for babbling...no promise to not spittle in my stammering, but I’ll try to keep my umms and likes to a minimum.

From the moment I walk out of that pitch session, my mind will be officially free and clear. Who, what, why, or how anything happens will no longer be any of my concern. For those of you near and dear to me, please have your cameras ready. No, really, I take horrible pictures myself!!!!


AJ said...

Hey Elece!!! Great job blogging!! Can't wait to see ya!!

Regina Carlysle said...

Lil Ninja!!!! You are super awesome girlfriend. Will be at the hotel on Thursday around 3 and I'll be looking for you and the rest of the crazy crew!

Harlie Williams said...

Great post and have fun. Take lots of pictures.

Margie said...

Hey lady! So looking forward to meeting you in person after all the 4-way convos with you, Cassandra and Michelle. Yay! Now we can do our chatting and drooling in real time, face-to-face. Can't wait.

Great blog post. You done good!

Elece said...

Hiya ladies!!! Thank you so much for popping in. As you can tell by my post, I will be arriving on Wednesday, and waiting NOT so patiently to meet each and every one if you!!! Harlie, you'll be missed this year, but next year you'll be right there with us!!!

Allie Standifer said...

Great post, Elece! you'll do amazing on your pitch. I'll make sure of it!!

Regina Carlysle said...

I figure there will be enough of us to be able to help everyone with pitches. I know it's scary and nerve-racking but we'll all be there for whatever.

Elece said...

Allie and Regina, you two freakin' rock!! Knowing you two are there to help me had really taken a load off. I feel like I can stand upright to all of my 5' glory! Lol!! Just don't mind me if I get teary eyed when I meet you for the first time!!

Kaily Hart said...

Looking forward to meeting you, Elece! I'll be rocking in a little to the meet and greet on Thursday, but I'll be there!