Friday, October 7, 2011

Bad Kitty's release day! And contest!

First of all, my apologies for not posting last week. I've been doing Candace Haven's Fast Draft class, and while my speed has yet to reach Fast Draft status, I've added close to 20 thousand words in a week. Not bad. I've got another couple weeks of the class to go, so I'll be writing my fingers off for a bit longer. Which is why I didn't post last week. I completely forgot it was Friday, then when I realized, I didn't have enough words left to string together to make a coherent blog. Is it just me or when you write a lot do you find yourself running out of words too? At any rate, with a new release and much Fast Drafting to be done, words must be found. So here I am.

To make up for my lack of a real post this week, I'm offering up an ebook copy of ANY of my books, winner's choice (including Bad Kitty) to a random commenter. All you have to do is tell me your favorite Halloween - or favorite holiday - memory, since Bad Kitty is set during two Halloween parties, a year apart. I'll just say it now...I LOVE Halloween. I've been wanting to write a Halloween story forever and ever and that's how Bad Kitty was born. Depending on if there's interest from readers, I might write the story of Patrick's twin, Easton, for next Halloween. So let me know if you'd like me to!

Meanwhile, here's Bad Kitty's blurb and buy link...and don't forget to tell me about your special Halloween memories. Or if you don't like/don't celebrate Halloween, any special holiday memories work...even your birthday! The winner will be announced in my post next Friday.

Bad Kitty blurb:

Reformed bad girl Nikki Carson has spent the past year trying to forget her boss's Halloween party and the unbelievable sex she had with her boss's hot twin, Patrick Nolan. Patrick hasn't mentioned that night since, much to Nikki's endless disappointment.

Years of following in the wake of his womanizing brother cause Patrick to wonder if Nikki even knows which twin she slept with. He can't believe she could possibly prefer him over her slick, polished boss. That doesn't mean he's been able to stop fantasizing about taking her again. Against the wall. On the floor. Everywhere.

It's Halloween again, and trick or treat takes on a whole new meaning when Nikki and Patrick go for round two. Especially since Nikki's come prepared with a Domme kitty costume meant to drive Patrick wild. And this kitty's ready to show her claws if she doesn't get what she wants...

Bad Kitty buy link:


Maria said...

My favorite Halloween memory is when we were just kids and my 3 younger sisters and I dressed up as the Three Musketeers. My mom had gotten the pattern for the costumes and sewed them together for us and we had huge pillow cases for candy and we all really went out having a good time trick or treating....and my youngest sister would not let us come home till we had enough candy to fill at least half of the pillow that my parents would let us eat it all at once..we had candy from Halloween to New Years that year...

Harlie Williams said...

Congrats on the release. Please don't enter me in the contest. I bought Bad Kitty. I couldn't know how I am about you. memories are actually dressing up and staying at home to pass out the candy. I wasn't much for the actual door to door but I loved getting everything ready for people to show up. Of course, this was during the time of the dinosaurs so, everything was safe and you could wonder from house to house and street to street and never worry. My dad would always have beer for the adults when they stopped by.

I love Halloween, too. I feel bad for Brian because where we live, he can't celebrate the way his parents did. He does get a costume every year and he wears it. This year...Optimus Prime. Last year it was Bubble Bee.

Good luck with Candance's class. She's kicks your butt.

Taryn Elliott said...

Fellow Fast Drafter...we've been a mess. lol

LOVE this book--you guys will enjoy it! Sexy and delicious...I want a Patrick.

Chrisbails said...

I love dressing up my kids and taking them out trick or treating. This year my daughter is dressing as a devil and I am dressing as a devil. My husband and I take the kids out, but we also dress up. Usually we try to match what the kids are wearing. I love Halloween, it is my fav holiday.
Loved the excerpt and would love to finish reading this book. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

Eileen said...

My favorite Halloween was when my 4 year old daughter was the Little Mermaid with 2 black eyes. She fell on her face from 'skating' in the basement in stocking feet and broke her nose. She got lots of funny comments that year when she went trick or treating. That same Halloween night my 3 year old son had the darndest time keeping up with his two big sisters. he collapsed halfway through and had to be carried the rest of the way by his Daddy. He ended up falling asleep in his penguin costume. he was too cute for words.

elaing8 said...

My favorite Halloween memory was my nephews 1st Halloween.He was dressed up as a was freezing cold so he had a snow suit underneath.People thought he was so cute.he'd try the trick or treat and would just giggle.people would give him extra candy.I ate a lot of candy that had a blast.
Thanks for the giveaway.Bad Kitty sounds awesome

June M. said...

My favorite Halloween memories are of when my nieces and oldest nephew were little. I would always take them trick or treating with their mother (my sis). Now, they are too old for it, and my little nephews live too far away for the tradition.
Happy Release day!
June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Jen B. said...

A few years ago I attended the parade at my kid's school. I love spiders. No, that is not a random comment. Before leaving for the parade I put on my spider shirt and spider jewelry. When I got to the school I carefully placed my very large spider witch hat on my head. Boy, did I get a reaction. The kids high fived me and the parents all commented. I just couldn't resist the opportunity to be a little over the top!

*yadkny* said...

My favorite Halloween memory was getting dressed up as your standard evil witch and my parents taking me and my siblings out on this long stretch of country road to go trick or treating. I thought it would be pointless since no one ever really goes trick or treating that far out of town, but boy did it pay off! They gave 2-liter bottles of pop, king-size (not fun-size) candy bars, and a whole bucket load of goodies! By the time we were finished out haul didn't fit in the grocery bags we carried, we put it all into a garbage bag:) And heck no did we throw it away. All those people that handed out treats kept telling us that they never get trick or treaters so they were really excited to have us and wanted to give us our fill. For several years after that we new just where to go every year for the best stash:)

Thanks for the giveaway and CONGRATS on your latest release Cari!!!