Monday, October 31, 2011

Boo! Bah Humbug!

Okay. I don’t like Valentine’s Day. Why should I? No love on the horizon. Thanksgiving just means I have to spend several days in the kitchen. Christmas means I have to spend lots of money. And several days in the kitchen. Actually, all holidays require lots of money these days.

And apparently kitchen time.

July 4th? Well, that means I have to go out into the crowd of people in order to watch the fireworks display. And on a hot Carolina night, that’s just not fun. At least not anymore. Easter? Now that used to be a cute holiday because of the kids. I loved to dress them up and hide eggs for them and watch as they toddled around with their baskets to find them. Loved the expression on their faces when they discovered their Easter baskets. Then they got wise to the BUNNY and suddenly baskets became jewelry and video games. AND I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. We don’t do Easter anymore except for chocolate bunnies.

The only holidays I really celebrate are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and HALLOWEEN.

So what about Halloween? Today is the day, of course. I have a pumpkin. We carved it last night and roasted the seeds. I have autumn leaf garlands displayed at my front gate. Tonight I’ll have a few candles lit outside along with the pumpkin.

And the doorbell will ring. And ring. And ring. And ring. And ring.


It’s cold and rainy here. Not sure how much of a damper that will put on trick or treating. I noticed lots of churches this past weekend held fall festivals. Some had trunk or treating. When my kids were younger they went to the school festivals. I was in charge of creating many many fall festivals complete with haunted house or maze.

Halloween used to be a fun holiday for me. My absolute favorite. I went all out with decorating—just like I did for Christmas. But I’m cynical these days. You’d think that Halloween would be a great holiday for cynicism but it’s not. My kids want me to go to a haunted thing with them tonight. NOPE.

So what’s up with me and holidays in general? They used to be fun and now they all just seem like work. Except for Valentine’s Day. That just seems like the waste of a good day to me. LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh, Tess. You sound just like me.

I don't DO holidays. Period.

I think we should get together, put our feet up, and have a glass of wine. This can be our holiday....To-hell-with-it Day! (lol)

June M. said...

I like my Halloween plans....a vampire book and some candy.

Tess MacKall said...

I'm with you, Casey. Except I think I'll make mine margaritas! lol

Tess MacKall said...

Ohhhhh yeah, June. Like the sound of a good vamp book. Now why didn't I think of that????

Harlie Williams said...

I'm with you on Valentine's Day. Its four days after my birthday and I always get screwed. Hubby doesn't screw up but before him, I got screwed and not in the fun way. Love Halloween and since I have a 6 yr old Christmas is the ultimate.

Plus, living in the sticks, we don't get trick or treaters. We are taking Brian to a party tonight.

Harlie Williams said...

Glad you're back Tess. I really missed you.