Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Take on RomantiCon 2011

Oh hush I know I'm late with this, but I was sick. Desiree Holt gave me the monkey pox! And as I've just crawled off my deathbed quite the whining, my head already hurts :)

NO, I didn't go to another BDSM club. I'm probably banned for life as it is.

The first friendly face I see when I walk into baggage claim? The sexy & funny Eve Savage! Damn did she look good. Hated her a little, in a good way, at the moment. We squeal, hug and started the very staid business people at CAK. Grab my luggage & we're on the road in her very smooth rental Dodge Charger. Of course my luggage took up the entire trunk & poor Eve was forced to shove hers in the back seat. That's the show of a good & loyal friend!
We swung by the hotel to pick up Nic Austin then went to grab lunch before the crazy started. Had a wonderful lunch with my girls. We paid, made our way out the door when a crazy ninja with amazing taste in clothes and outstanding hair, grabs my arm and starts talking a mile a minute. My first impression? "Why do all the crazy people find me?" Turns out it's Elece, my lovely and dangerous royal assassin and with her as her fearless companion Lady Lick and Snip ie Cassandra. I'd been ambushed by the best and most insane of my ladies. Should I have feared the rest of the conference? Hell yes, but in my naive stupidly I remained blissfully unaware.

Get to the hotel, we won't go into my check-in process. When did they let demons check people in? Huh, anyway room was okay and it adjoined Nic's so I did my happy dance & went to the bar!

The next few hours are blurry & I blame Eve. Well, Eve Savage & Patty Marks. Patti kept encouraging me to "go, get more wine. Drink it down!." Sneaky woman!! But the EC labeled wine was YUMMY!! Didn't get to try the root beer, but there's always next year, right?

Friday I was workshop girl & I had a blast. We did 31 Flavors of Sex or what I like to now call What gets your groove on? Ladies, you made it one of the best workshops in the conference. It had to be considering Raelene sent someone in to keep us quiet. That never happens I mean look at her workshops. She's no innocent miss.

Saturday...ummm I'll take the 5th & blame Elece and her delicious case of chocolate wine. I drank it down in an amazing glass with Princess on it and some pretty glitters and sparkly stuff. I love my RHB gals. They understand the Shiny Kingdom and our motto of more is better!!

Spending time with Reginia is always a happy time because she keeps me laughing. Smart, funny and blond the woman is a deadly combo!
Even the parties each night seemed to get better and better. Not to mention the very hot & very sexy Cavemen. They made each night more fun than the last with their smooth moves on the dance floor and their even smoother glib tongues off the dance floor. Smooth talkers each and every one of them.

Can I say this is my favorite conference again? Here it's all about the readers & I love it because hey I'm a reader too!! And that makes RomantiCon all about ME!! Every day there were new fun surprises , gifts & give-aways. Smiling women everywhere I looked except when I blocked their view of the Cavemen. Then the hussies got mean!!

Spending time with Elece, Margie, Jordan, and Cass was a hair raising ride through insanity. Thanks, ladies, & when can we do it again?

It's official now. No more will I attend writer's conferences. I'm all about the readers!! They have more fun, better prizes, & hotter men. Yummy! So you won't see me anywhere, but RT, RomantiCon & possibly the reader thing in Dallas. Anyone else want to recommend one for me? One you love going to? Spill it, talk to me & share the love!

Until next week,


Jordan Ashley said...

Allie I enjoyed you so much, your wit, and quick humor kept me guessing as to what would happen next! I was thrilled when i saw you wearing that scarf all Friday night. Chocolate wine, calling me flame boiled.... I want to do it again asap!! wish I could come down there to alliepalooza!!! When is that again? LOL

Mari Freeman said...


You're so funny, girl. Great seeing you guys again. I like AAD (Author's After Dark) for the same reason. Lots of reader interaction. And it's New Orleans this year. Can't beat that.


Desiree Holt said...

Craziness is right. No wonder it took us so long to recover!

Dalton Diaz said...

I loved getting to know you better. Damn, you're a hot ticket!

Regina Carlysle said...

Oh yesssss. A fun fun time was had by all and you can't beat a reader conference. Way FUN!!!!I loved hanging with 'my girls' and reconnecting with writer friends and fans. Too bad it only happens once a year. BTW...missss yooooouuuu guyyyyyys.

Jordan Ashley said...

Regina!! Kidnap me to TX!! LOL then you wouldn't have to miss me! hehehe

Hell... any of you can kidnap me to texas. Allie... Do the guards do well with kids? lol

Harlie Williams said...

Great post, as usual. Glad yall had fun.

Harlie Williams said...

What reader thing in Dallas? I live an hour away. Spill...

Allie Standifer said...

Harlie, I was supposed to put Denver, not Dallas. You can tell I'm a Texas girl, huh?
Mari, you are hilarious & I always love hanging out with you. I'll check out AAD 'cause NO is just around the corner from me.
Dalton, you have an open invite to any party I'm at. Love hanging out with you!
Sorry Jordan, the guards won't look at anyone under 30.

Molly Daniels said...

Indianapolis had better host one of these conferences PDQ!!! I'm hoping I get to drive up to RT in Chicago next spring for at least the book signing!

Allie Standifer said...

Would love to see you, Molly! I'll be there with Desiree Holt & Sam Cayto. Head to the bar...we're always in the bar :)

Jordan Ashley said...

None under 30?! well fuck me sideways... I have to wait 4 more years until they'll look at me?!

Margie said...

Meeting you and the other Royal Lady writers was the highlight of Romanticon for me. You should be impressed. I put you Ladies above the Cavemen. Crazy, huh? You have spoiled me and ruined attending cons where you do not have your "Royal Presence". I originally planned to go to AAD in New Orleans, even had one of the "golden" tickets guaranteeing registration, but just can't do it without RHB friends to share the experience with. Thinking seriously about EPICon in San Antonio though. Sounds like fun!

Allie Standifer said...

Margie, honey, we'd love to see you in Texas! As for AAD, I'm looking into it but doubt I'll make it since Desiree has pretty much booked me every month next year :) However, I am looking into the reader's conference in Denver. Anyone know anything about it, like a name?

Elece said...

What can I first venture into the Con world, and I had the luxury of anticipating meeting you and all the other RHB ladies!!

I'll have you know the stealthy ninja about killed herself accosting you on your way out from lunch! But of course my giddiness of finally meeting my princess overshadowed the throb in my ankle.

I've never met such wonderful women in my life! And you, my dear, are totally bad ass!! Can't wait to meet up in Texas for that Con and have another fabulous time!! XOXO

Allie Standifer said...

Elece, there are no words for my first meeting with you! My favorite ninja/hair stylist/assassin!!! Lubs ya, babe!

Lily Harlem said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time - wish I could have made it across the pond to meet everyone and join in the fun :-)

Chocolate wine - OMG! that sounds like heaven. I've got to go and find me some!!!!

Lily x

Allie Standifer said...

Lily, chocolate wine is...well ambrosia. I'm sure they stock it on your side of the pond as well :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, it wasn't the noise from the workshop so much as what the noise sounded like! We were in the room next door, and thought there was a wild sex orgy going on in your room!! I was afraid all the people in our workshop would leave and go to yours. ;-)


Allie Standifer said...

Raelen, no would ever DARE leave your workshop :) Besides the way I hear it the one you did the next afternoon was pretty wild too!