Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy AFTER Thanksgiving

Hope ya'll don't mind that I'm filling in for Tess today. She's off doing stuff and asked me to come hang out so HERE I AM!

First off...hope your holiday was happy. I honestly think that one thing most of us have in common on Thanksgiving is that need to gorge on rich food, hang with family and friends and watch a whole lot of football. We weren't much different in that but some years we are tossed a surprise or two. That was US this year. For the first time in forever, we had new people sitting at our Thanksgiving table. My son brought his girlfriend and my daughter brought her boyfriend. Hmmm. This is NEW. I LIKED IT. Suddenly our little family didn't seem so "little" anymore. Throwing new people into the mix injected a more festive air to things. I found myself giving thanks for so many things. This has been another tough one for our family. My mom was hospitalized for three weeks in early fall. We were really scared there for awhile and watching her go through a major surgery was terrifying. She was with us on Thanksgiving Day looking once again like a young Elizabeth Taylor (yes, my mother is quite beautiful) and feeling sooooo good!

So yes, Thanksgiving was full of changes and surprises and has me looking forward to celebrating the Christmas Season. My gifts (except for one) are bought and though I don't have my tree up yet, I'll be tackling that little project soon. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Hey Reg,

That sounds so wonderful. Always nice to have families grow, you know! lol Makes holidays pretty special.

Happy Holidays!

Regina Carlysle said...

Same to you, Taylor? Did you have a nice crowd or was it quiet around there? Yes, it's odd to watch the family grow. Makes me feel old but makes me happy too. It's a weird feeling.

Eileen said...

Luck! Took 5 years before the boyfriend became a son-in-law but it was worth it. He's a definite keeper for our family and now I have 5 kids.
Happy holidays!

Mia Watts said...

I've hardly done any shopping at all. Just things I've picked up throughout the year. I keep waiting for the awesomest royalty check ever. It's this dream I have. LOL.