Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doing it in a Group!

Note: Sorry for missing out on a bunch of fun last week. I was off on a mini vacay and ended up with no internet. What a bummer! It was fixed just as my time away ended. Figures, doesn't it?

First let me clarify (for those of you with minds in the gutter...lol) I don't mean actually 'doing it' in a group. I'm actually talking today about how incredible it is to tackle fun projects with a bunch of fun friends. We all know nothing is better than lunching with the girls or meeting up for happy hour. LIKE minds can come up with some great ideas and buckets of inspiration. Lately, I've been on a journey like this with some of my best buds (including Desiree Holt, Brenna Zinn, Cerise Deland, Samantha Cayto, Nicole Austin and Allie Standifer). If you aren't familiar with their works, you must Google these crazy, talented ladies.

Many of you know how we came together, developed a bangin' friendship and went on to write the Toys4Us series. Now we have teamed up again to write a collection of short stories for Decadent Publishing for their The Edge series. With February coming, our thoughts turn to Valentine's Day where Valentino's Gourmet Food and Wine Shoppe supplies those lookin' for love with all kinds of naughty, sexy indulgences to tempt even the most recalcitrant lover or soon-to-be lover. The first of these super hot stories debut on Friday. It's time to get your 'cupid on' with uber hot reads by Nicole Austin and Cerise Deland. Nobody does it better than these two spectacular writers. Head over to Decadent Publishing and pick them up.

Buy here!

Be Mine
by Cerise Deland

Why shouldn’t an eligible man like Jason Sherwood plan a Valentine’s Day merger with a woman whose elegant body melted at his touch last year on February fourteenth? A mysterious woman who disappeared like a wraith. A vibrant creature who came apart in his arms like only the right woman does for the right man.
But Mara Richardson left Jason for a good reason…and after a year of looking for her, he still doesn’t know why. But he has to learn. Has to get her naked, wild for him again. Give her those little sugary candies that say, Be Mine, and show her that, despite only hours with her last year, he needs her to be his. Forever.

Hard Lovin'
By Nicole Austin

After a grueling graveyard shift in the E.R. and tromping through snow, the only things on Olivia Daughtry’s mind are a nice warm fire, a glass of chocolate wine and some quality time with her vibrator. Being interrogated by a tenacious cop wasn’t anywhere on her list of things to do.
There is too much at stake for Officer Hall to follow department policies or go easy on the sexy suspect. But nurse Daughtry is one tough cookie and the harder he pushes the hotter she gets. From handcuffs and an improvised gag to little blue candies, Hall will do whatever it takes to get the correct answer to his very important question.


Harlie Williams said...

I'm so looking forward to this series. Woo Hoo!

Marika Weber

Unknown said...

great post. thanks for sharing it. If I had a spare moment I'd give The Edge a shot myself....can't wait to read these.

Kenzie Michaels said...

Ooooohhhh goodie:) (Pun intended, lol!)

Looking forward to more from the Sassy Seven!!!

Regina Carlysle said...

I'm looking forward to it, too, Harlie! I'll keep announcing these when they are due to release.

Regina Carlysle said...

Thanks, Liz. These little shorties were fun to write.

Regina Carlysle said...

hahahahha. Thanks, Kenzie!

Eileen said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the last series and I'm excited to know there is a new series. Woo hoo!

Tess MacKall said...

They sound soooo yummmmmmy!!!!

Nicole Austin said...

I'm so jazzed the Sassy 7 are doing the debut of The Edge series! How very cool! :D