Monday, April 23, 2012

A Nice Evening

Last night I had all three of my kids with me. None of us had seen the middle child in two months. And with the oldest working and not at home except to sleep and eat and the baby boy, lol, in school, and then up in his room listening to
music all of the time... Well...we just don't spend a lot of time together.

But last night we were together along with the middle child's fiance. We had five hours of non-stop laughter. I guess absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Usually these kids do nothing but argue with each other. Now that they aren't in each other's face constantly, they get along. LOL I love it.

The addition of the fiance was nice too. He's really sweet and funny. I didn't think anyone would "fit" with my family. But he does. And I am so happy about that. He seems to love me silly, too! He's not shy about showing his affection either. He's a hugger for sure. lol

So some things just work out, don't they?

I'm rushing out the door this morning and wanted to say hi to everyone. I missed blogging last week and have promised myself to NOT dare miss another. I've always liked blogging and chatting with commenters. So next week?? Be prepared for a nice long rant of some sort. lol It's about time I did that!

I hope everyone is happily reading, writing, and editing.


Harlie Williams said...

Tess, I've missed you soo much but I'm glad that things seemed to have calmed down for you. I truly believe that being apart sometimes is the best thing for a family. It draws you closer when you do get together.


Harlie Williams said...

Also, I've missed your rants. Bring it on!

Chennai Escorts said...

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Mia Watts said...

That's the best! I'm hoping my kids find great guys too. For now, it's just the three of us and we laugh a lot.

Tess MacKall said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I've got to find a really great rant before next Monday. lol I have been pissed off about a lot of things. Mostly political crap. But I don't want to get into any arguments either. lol

And yep, it was a wonderful evening. I laughed so much. The guy is definitely a keeper. Just hoping I can find one for the oldest now. lol First she's got to get her act together. Hmmm...maybe a rant about the trials and tribulations of mothering a grown woman would make a great rant. lol

Hugs...see ya on Monday!!!!!