Thursday, April 5, 2012

So it's my turn again

I almost forgot to post today. Can you believe it? I swear there's a mouse running around in my brain, darting in and out of mouse-holes. At least, that's how it feels to never quite grasp my thoughts long enough to hang on to them.

I'm going to blame spring break. Both the kids are home. One of them is sick and on computer probation. The other had a friend spend the night and is going to her house tonight. Next week is Romantic Times and I'll be there unofficially. Hey! Maybe I'll be reporter girl! Yeah, that's it! I'll send you a report on what's going on from RT. Although my version will be from the bar and the rooms. I'm not actually in attendance there, so it'll be like a cozy reporting opportunity of people around me. You'll have to get the goss of the major stuff from somewhere else. LOL.

I'll try not to embarrass myself too much. That's not an easy fete for me, as you all know by now.

Have a great rest of your week.

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