Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Places and People; Old Books

Adjusting to that strange new world called FLORIDA is quite the thing ya'll. First off, it's not hot here. Yes, I'm sure the natives would beg to differ but having lived through many a Texas summer, this stuff is not a big deal. The folks back home say the temps are hovering around 105 degrees and positively sweltering. Here in my new place, I'm loving the more moderate stuff. Of course it's humid. Oh dear LORD! Now that's something new but there are definite benefits to that. My hair and skin looks a whole lot better these days. And rainy season? Um. A few weeks ago my daughter and I were shopping for groceries when a thunderstorm hit. Our eyes got big. I mean big. RAIN!!!! Now that's something to celebrate in West Texas so I'm sure the folks at the store wondered why we seemed so damn happy about the deluge of wet stuff. With Tropical Storm Debbie hovering around, we've pretty much been drenched every day and even had to break down and buy umbrellas. Who'd a thunk it????

Settling in good and proper now. We've found the best places for breakfast, lunch and dinner and now where to find the best shopping. What more could a girl ask for? And friends? Yes, I've made a lot of those too. Nice thing, friends. I'm beginning to feel right at home. Hard to believe I've only been here a month.

Now that the settling in has been accomplished and most of my furniture has arrived, I've found the creative energies are beginning to flow again. Getting a divorce and moving clear across the country can have a way of stalling a person out, for sure. But YAY ME...stories are forming and needing to be told. I'm beginning to feel like my "new self"...the old one was pretty fine but this new me is pretty awesome, I think. I'm feeling braver, more sure of myself and yes, more creative. It's a good thing.

And yes...sometimes everything old is new again. Ellora's Cave just re-released my very first EC book at a discounted price. So if you haven't read this one (a hot hot cougar tale) here's your chance to pick it up and give it a 'slow dance'.


When forty-five-year-old widow Tess Garrity decides it's time to reevaluate her stale life, she rents a charming cabin in the mountains, little expecting her entire life is about to take a drastic turn. She's very drawn and more than a little sexually turned on by the sinfully handsome man next door.

Daniel Rios is captivated by the stunning older woman. She is sweet, funny and sexy enough to make him yearn to fuck her. He wants her more than his next breath but his first order of business is getting rid of an unwanted houseguest. Then Daniel moves in on Tess, tempting her to take another chance on love — with him. It's a naughty, edgy, seductive challenge he is fully prepared to take.


Harlie Williams said...

I still miss you so much. East Texas isn't getting any rain and we so need it.

I'll be moving in a couple of weeks so I hear your pain. :)

Congratulations on the re-release. Must be the only book of yours that I haven't read.


Regina Carlysle said...

Moving SUCKS, I promise. Finally though you'll get everything unpacked and settled into place and it begins to feel like 'home'. You might like Tempting Tess. Pick it up, honey.

Molly Daniels said...

Did I tell you my Orlando trip is off? Maybe next year though....

And I LOVED Tempting Tess:) Hee hee....methinks maybe fiction fantasy becomes reality in the next year for you?? LOL:)

Molly Daniels said...

Oh, and send a little of that rain our way? We're about to hit the 100's tomorrow and are under a burn ban!

Vastine Bondurant said...

It is SO good to see Regina again, and SO good to see you writing again, sweetie. SO good.

You are going to be fine, and life has lots of wonderful things in store for you and your daughter.

Love and hugs.