Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm obsessed with nicknames!

I'm a big nickname person. I always have been. Ever since high school I've had my own nicknames for all of my closest friends. I've realized as a writer and as a reader my little obsession with nicknames is more alive than ever. My hero's automatically come up with nicknames for the heroines in my books. Nine times out of ten I don't sit around and think of names for the hero to call the heroine but he thinks of one all on his own. It almost just writes itself into the story. In Getting Lucky with Luciano, Luciano calls Kaylee, Bella which means beautiful in Italian. In book two in the series, Unexpected Mr. Right coming next January, Nico calls Tabby slugger. I know you're probably wondering why in the heck he calls her that but you have to read the books to know *grin*. There really is a funny story behind the name which does drive Tabby crazy, let me tell you, LOL. Brianna, who will get the third book in the series already has a nickname as well. You meet her hero in Unexpected Mr. Right and by the end of the story he's calling her McGruff. Yes, as in McGruff the crime dog. Again, I'd be giving something away by telling you why so I'm sworn to secrecy. Of course, in the bedroom, both Tabby and Brianna are called by much sexier names than slugger and McGruff but outside of the bedroom both Nico and Jackson like to give these ladies a hard time with names that drive them crazy.

One of my favorite authors, Toni Blake puts a lot of really cute nicknames in her books too. In her latest release, Letters to a Secret Lover, the hero, Rob, calls the heroine, Lindsey, Abby (wow that's confusing to write). She's an advice columnist hence the nickname Abby. In her book, Tempt Me Tonight the hero calls the heroine Cupcake because of something from their childhood. Anyway, I think you get the point-I'm a nickname person. Most of my nicknames, like those of my characters are fun or stem from a funny memory. Nicknames are so personal and so darn sexy between lovers. I can't help but add them in my books. I'm curious though, do you as reader like it when the hero or heroine have a cute, fun, or sexy nickname for the each other? Do you writers out there like to give your characters nicknames? What about in real life, do you have fun nicknames for friends or loved ones or does anyone have any a fun nickname for you?


Desirée Lee said...

My nicknames aren't as creative. They're usually a take on their actual name, i.e. Kellyn is shortened to Kell. Seamus McPherson goes by Mick. Kitrina's boyfriend calls her Kit-Kat. Ian Riffington is simply Riff. With him though, his friend's last name is Rafferty so together they are Riff-Raff. T.J. Duffy hates his name so he goes by his initials.

I do have a couple that aren't related to their names. One character is known as "Doc" though he isn't a doctor. Not going to say how he got that nickname though. Have to wait until that book is finished. *LOL* The same with Teeter, who doesn't like his given name.

Another character is known as "The Hunter" because that is what he does. His real name is rarely ever spoken by anyone who wishes to remain breathing.

Rachel Shelby gives her ex-boyfriend Darien Ramie numerous nicknames: Bastard, Idiot, etc...

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee said...

I got so wrapped up in character nicknames I didn't answer the rest.

I don't mind if the H/H have nicknames for each other but I think there is a point where it can go overboard. If the handsome, sexy, alpha-male hero is subjected to being called Sugar-Booger over the course of the entire story, I think I'd lose some respect for him. *LOL*

RL Nicknames, hoo boy! I've had a ton given to me. Some of them I've hated. The one I have liked and kept the longest is Vampyre. I've been Vampyre for about 2/3 of my life. My ex had a penchant for coming up with really stupid cutesy nicknames for me that I hated. Whenever he did that, I would give him an equally annoying one and then tell his friends to start calling him that too.

The funniest was when we were in college and the guys in class started a frat. Well they never got it sanctioned but they called themselves a frat and each guy got a frat name. They called my ex "Moose." He hated that nickname so of course I perpetuated it. I wasn't a member of the frat but they told me I could be the mascot *ROFL* so I got called Mascot.

Another funny "nickname" given to me was Mary Ellen. I used to work in a nursing home and went in to introduce myself to a new resident that I was going to be taking care of. She blinked and said "You look just like Mary Ellen off of The Waltons!" So after that she could never remember my real name and just called me Mary Ellen.

I guess there are worse things that she could have called me!

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

Barb V. said...

I am not big on assigning nicknames to people, uless it's the obvious shortening of a regular name. But we seem to always give nickmanes to our dogs. Guess it's because they can't complain about how bad they are. I mean would you want to be called Bugs, Sheeps, BooBoo, or Cal Pal?

When I was in junior high one of my little brother's obnoxious friends started saying, on the school bus, "Hey Barbie, how's Ken?", as in the Mattel dolls. So I not only got the hated nickname, but also a mysterious secret boyfriend.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Des- I like your nicknames. I think they're cute! Love the Riff-Raff one.

Barb- Love your animal nicknames!

Regina Carlysle said...

Hi Kell! Great post. Oh man...I'm all about nicknames and they are really big in the south. Most of my books are sex in the south so it's really easy to fall into the habit of characters calling others...punkin, cookie, sugar, darlin', etc. I actually tend to do that in real life...sugar beet, dumplin', yada yada. Maybe it's bad but I can't help myself.

Anne Rainey said...

I'm big on nicknames too. In writing and real life. Usually it's a shortened version though, like Des said. In Tasting Candy, Blade was fond of calling Candice 'Candy'. In real life, my daughter's names are always shortened. Katilyn is 'kati' and Alisha is 'Leesh'. :)

Tonya said...

I love the nicknames in books...I love how they are formed and feel so connected being let in on this personal tidbit of info.

In've got too many nicknames but my favorite (currently anyway) is one my teenager and her friends call me. My daughter is Alexis and somehow her friends started calling her Alster and so everyone got the ...ster added. They even had pajama pants made for me with....MOMSTER printed down the leg. =)

As for this vote is all for the nicknames.....I love the realization behind them just as much as the nickname itself!!

Kelley Nyrae said...

Regina, darlin' I think your nicknames are cute :)

I have nicknames for my kids too.

Cute names!

Fedora said...

I do enjoy nicknames--usually they're a way to add a level of fun and possibly intimacy. My own name doesn't lend itself well to nicknames, so I always admired those that offer up a variety of nickname possibilities (Alexandra or Victoria for instance). And personally, my husband and I don't really use many nicknames for each other--usually just the all-purpose "hon" ;)

Lindsey said...

Fun topic, Kelley! My dad hated his nickname growing up, so my siblings and I ended up with names that don't lend well to nicknames. Conversely, I think nicknames are fun - I guess the grass is always greener.

More generic terms of endearment I'm less crazy about. But Toni's books are a great example of nicknames done well - and now it's such a trademark of hers that I always look forward to it. :)

Kelley Nyrae said...

Flchen1- I totally agree! They do add a level of fun and intimacy to the book and characters.

Lindsey- I ALWAYS look foward to finding out the nicknames Toni comes up with for her characters. It's so fun! She's so creative with her nicknames too! I love that.

Anny Cook said...

Have an alpha type male called Posey (Poseidon) with his loyal sidekick/lover called Check (Czechoslovakia) in a menage. She's called Q.T. (cutie) which is short for Queen Topaz. Hmmmm.