Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sassy Sunday Fun!

What to do on a lazy Sunday? Hmm. Anne, Kelley and I have been discussing a number of fun things since most of us have family stuff going on so we've decided to mix things up a bit. Some Sundays we'll feature guest authors for questions and contests and other days we'll post pics. Some days, like today, we'll fill you in on what we're currently working on.

Today I'm going to share and excerpt from a currently uncontracted WIP. This one is called Spanish Topaz. It's a paranormal menage set in Texas and features a hot, Texas cowboy, a sexy latina and a man from the past.

Sound fun? Here's a little excerpt. Hope you enjoy it on your Sassy Sunday!

Excerpt from Spanish Topaz:

Cash Carter leaned against the frame of the open barn door and watched Graciela Fuentes barrel down the dirt road leading to the Classic Cash Ranch. She had a new car. A sassy little roadster that reminded him of her, sleek but rounded in all the right places. A rooster tail of dust shot out from behind the vehicle as it rocketed down the road. On either side of the snappy little car, his land stretched out like a rugged Texas jewel in the waning autumn sunlight.
She was home.
Thank god. That was all that mattered.
The weeks since he’d last seen her fell away and his cock hardened behind the well-worn fly of his jeans. Her memory rose up, hot and fluid, in his mind and as his mouth went dry, he swore he could still feel the taste of her nipple on his tongue. It was a rich memory that he’d never been able to shake, even after she left for college and then landed a job as a museum curator in Houston. They’d been lovers for those years, but time and distance was his enemy. He was damn sick of only having scarce visits to her apartment in Houston and her trips to central Texas were so seldom, he was left aching.
When he’d found the dagger two days ago, she was the only person he’d called. It was a deal that worked for him. He’d have answers and her all at the same time. Have her he would, too. The connection between them had always been electrifying and the month that had passed since he’d last had her hadn’t changed a damn thing about that.
Cash shifted his stance and walked further into the yard to meet her. His heart thumped hard in his chest as he waited and remembered. Lust crawled through his belly and the urge to fuck her sweet pussy seeped through his mind like an oft remembered dream. If circumstances hadn’t intervened a couple of days ago, he’d pretty much decided to head down to Houston and haul her sexy, Latina ass back where she belonged. For good.
Maybe it was the time of year that made him hard for her. Made him ache for her. The leaves on the trees had turned a smoldering gold that exactly matched her eyes. The simmering reds mingled among the golden leaves reminded him of her lush lips and the way they’d always taken his with a hunger unequaled in his experience.
Bottom line was the woman was so fucking hot she burned him to ash with every touch. She was a craving in his system and he was a happy addict.
When the source of his raging addiction, stopped her car not twenty yards from where he stood, he stiffened, unsure of her greeting, as she stepped from the little car and gave him a look, cocked a winged black brow and sent him a sexy smile. Odd that he noticed that seductive smirk since he could barely drag his gaze from the long length of leg she bared beneath the miniscule black skirt. A strip of her belly flashed from below her shorter-than-hell red tee. The woman was sex on a stick and his cock pulsed in reaction, grew in dimension and he had the crazy desire to lick her from the tips of her cute little toes to her mouth, stopping to savor every point in between.
“Hey, sweet thing,” he drawled.
Her smile widened as she sent her gaze zipping down then up the length of his body. Impossibly his erection pulsed stronger as the need to fuck her silly grew by immense proportions.
“Hola, querido. Miss me?”
“Every damn day.” Cash held out his arms and watched her go still. A flicker of intensity made her golden eyes go dark. He smiled, knowing he had her right where he wanted her. She’d missed him, too. “Come ‘ere, darlin’. If I don’t touch you right now, I swear I’m gonna die.”
And just like, that the darkness left her eyes and her smile widened as she laughed and raced headlong into his arms.


Anny Cook said...

See... I just think we all ought to have someone waiting at home like Cash...

Regina Carlysle said...

Yeah, I KNOW. Someone who wants you and just opens his arms. Delicious!

Fedora said...

Oh... what a homecoming! :) Thanks for sharing that, Regina!

Regina Carlysle said...

Glad you like this. Keeping fingers crossed about his one. THough it might be nice to do something like this on a lazy Sunday.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Love this, Regina!! Cash is hot.

Anne Rainey said...

Anny--TOTALLY AGREE! Cash is SOOOO hot! Great excerpt, Regina...!

The Sassy Sundays are gonna be a blast! :)

Regina Carlysle said...

It's just a little something that's kind of laid back for Sunday. Yeah...I think Cash is pretty hot, too. lol

Phoenix said...

Niiice. I read this excerpt in a chat and I gotta say, it's hot!