Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a quick note!

My first ever vampire romance is now out!



Kelley Nyrae said...


Anne Rainey said...

Thanks, Kelley!

Unknown said...

Congrats! I wish you massive sales and fabulous celebrations for your new release.

I am a huge fan of vampires, in case you don't know me I am the resident Vamp Smutter for Total E Bound, and I cannot wait to get my grubby little hands on your new book. Yay you!

Dakota Rebel

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks, Dakota!
...and I DO know you (The Blackout, Sweet Dreams).

What a compliment to have you reading my work. Probably not as erotic though, hope that's okay. My work tends to go from sensual to steamy, this particular story is more sensual...I think. I can never judge these things. LOL

Regina Carlysle said...

YAY on the release and already on The Wild Rose Press bestsellers list,too. Kudos on that.

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks Regina! I'm pretty psyched it made it to the best sellers list!

and I got this quote from a reader too: "

Anne Rainey's talent is now exciting us paranormal lovers. Her mix of erotic and paranormal sparks the readers senses from page one."