Thursday, October 9, 2008

cell phones

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I'm going to vent to you all today. What else is new, right? LOL

Here's the thing. The kids have been off all week for the county fair and it's been a crazy busy week, let me tell ya. The other day we went to the movies to see Eagle Eye. Great movie, by the way, but the dork with the cell phone pissed me off. What's with people who have no cell phone manners? Is it really that hard to put the thing on vibrate? Okay, here comes the venting part...

Sitting in a movie theater and the idiot behind you can't seem to remember to put his phone on vibrate. What's worse, he has no idea that talking loudly into the phone will NOT help with poor reception!

Driving down the highway, in the fast lane, and the lady behind the wheel is texting. Texting! AND she has a little baby in the car seat in the back. My husband and I were furious when we saw this. She's texting, on the highway with a baby in the car. What, it couldn't have waited until you got off the highway? It was THAT important? No, my bet is she's trying to figure out what to have for dinner later. Grr!

Standing in the bookstore and the woman next to you is talking into her phone. She's being so loud and annoying that half the store is listening to her giggling about some friend who just got a bad hair cut. Seriously, it is NOT necessary to shout into the phone. And if you're going to backstab your friend, do it after you leave the damned bookstore. You really don't need to backstab her in front of an audience...or do you?

Sitting in church during a gorgeous wedding ceremony...and someone's cell phone goes off. Yes, this really happened recently at a friend's wedding. Why is there always at least one person who forgot to turn their phone to vibrate? I felt so bad for my friend who was getting married because this person's cell went off for quite awhile before the woman could get it out of her purse and shut it off.

Trying to have a conversation with my oldest and she's constantly texting. Okay, does that drive you parents nuts or is it just my daughter that's that text crazy? I find myself yanking the phone out of her hand just so I can get her undivided attention.

Here's the thing. I have a cell phone too. I love how handy it is. I love the security of having it in case my car breaks down or something. I love being able to get in contact with my kids when they're away from me. But, there is a thing called manners here! Am I right? Does it drive anyone else insane or is just me??


Anonymous said...

i have a cell phone only time i use it is when im at home all i know how to do is to ring out on it and answer it

my mother had to show me how to get the text message up im hopless

and there is no need to back stab anyone they wouldnt like it if someone back stabed them

i was always told if you cant be nice dont talk

Kelley Nyrae said...

Yeah those things are really annoying. I always turn my cell phone on vibrate in situations like that. I've NEVER texted and drove. That's just crazy to me. It's not only unsafe for herself and her child but others on the road as well!

Cindy said...

I too have a cell phone,& I agree about the manners,So far we have not allowed our 14 yr. old to have one yet,if he needs one when he goes somewhere,he takes mine.
venting time, my sister-in-law & I went shopping about 6 months ago, she was on her cell phone more than she was off of it,I thought that was very rude,so needless to say,I have not been back shooping with her.I try really hard not to talk on mine if someone is with me,& unless it's pertaining to work,or my son is gone on a trip,I don't take it into places with me,I leave it in the car.
thanks for letting me vent.

Anne Rainey said...

angietheresa--i'm not good with the texting. it takes me forever to type in 'hi'. LOL

Kelley--we were so surprised that by the timne we thought to do something, like call the law, she was already out of sight. But, I really think that needs to be a law.

Cindy--that would really drive me insane. My niece is really good with her cell. If she and I are together and someone calls, she answers it, but she tells them she'll call them back later. I appreciate people who do that! I hate when they're supposed to be with you, but their ear is glued to the damn phone instead!

BrennaLyons said...

I SO agree. I'm on my second cell phone now, and my husband knows the rules. If I'm driving, and it goes off, one of two things will happen. If I'm alone, it goes to message, and I call him back when the vehicle is stopped. If the kids are with me, one of them answers it and plays go-between.

But, using the cell phone in the movie? A wedding? UGH! Somebody better be dying, and you better be leaving to a quiet area to do it.

I've heard some people are using the phone blockers on NY subways. Grinning... Almost worth the money some days.


Anne Rainey said...

Brenna--I do the same thing when my kids are with me, how funny! My husband is so used to the kids talking for me when I'm driving that he tends to just call them now instead.

and what's a phone blocker?

BrennaLyons said...

They are actually illegal in some areas, but still a wonderful thought. Basically, they cut off the ability of a cell phone to communicate with the towers. Isn't that grand? They have pocket-sized ones that can clear a 30-40 foot radius around your position.

And, you can turn the jammer on and off, as you need it. Some places they don't want you to USE cell phones have them permanently engaged to stop you from doing so.


Kelley Nyrae said...

It's against the law to drive and talk on the phone at all in California unless you have blue tooth. They're working on passing a no texting law next I believe.

BrennaLyons said...

I keep hoping for that here. NH has a similar law, but MA doesn't. They really NEED to. Then again, the cops break the laws now. Grinning... I'm serious. I wonder if it would ever be enforced. There's a heck of a lot that isn't here.


Happily Ever After Authors said...

I'm so with you, Anne.

What about in a restaurant. It's bad enough to try and take an order when the person won't get off the phone to acknowledge your presence. But what about the other customers who want an enjoyable meal and has to sit and listen to someone yell into their phone.

Or at the checkout talking up a storm and ignoring the cashier. If my phone goes off at the checkout, I hit a button to silence it - I won't answer. Nothing can be so important it can't wait until you're finished.

Our theatres require all cell phones to be turned off. A lot of businesses around here have signs requesting all cell phones be turned off along with no food or drink allowed.

Where I work, we're not allowed to take our cell phones in the building.

The schools have banned them, too. Kids were sitting in class texting one another. A few years ago, my son and his friend were texting me while I was on my way to work - they were in history class.

We had texting turned off on the kid's phones, then ended up having it turned off on ours as well. We were getting spam texts from overseas.

The mom with the child in the car and texting -- we're supposed to call the police if we see a young child in a vehicle without being in a safety restraint -- why not report them for this as well. It's child endangerment.


Regina Carlysle said...

Every time I've almost been in an accident it's been because some YAHOO is on a cell phone. Drives me nuts. I soooo agree about the movies, too. That's as bad as the person behind you kicking your chair through the entire movie. Drives me NUTS.

Linda LaRoque said...

You are so right. I do forget to turn mine off on occasion but would never attempt talking in a movie. Heck, you can hear every word the person calling is saying all over the room.

How about the person with the blue tooth talking while they shop? I don't understand this dependence, why the need to be connected to someone all the time.

I think it should be against the law to use a cell phone while driving unless you have a hands free device and that still breaks concentration.


Anonymous said...

its against the law here in england too you can talk on wireless but they are trying to ban that too

they get a big fine and points on the licence (sorry for spelling not got my programme on )

Unknown said...

Yeah, California recently passed a no cell phones while driving unless on a headset law. I still wonder about the driver's divided attention. I hear they've given out some 20,000 tickets already.

We also had a HUGE train wreck a week or so ago, killing a number of people and the driver was texting. I like the jamming device idea. This train could've used one in the driver's cab.

Molly Daniels said...

The bluetooth drives me crazy, because you don't know if they are talking to you or someone else, ala that commercial several months ago!

If I get a phone call while driving, I have the kids answer it. Otherwise, I turn it off if I'm alone. Or if I forget and leave it on, I'll pull over to answer.

Great idea, Bekki:) Start reporting the texting and driving people:)

And yes, it's also illegal here in Indiana to drive and talk on a cell unless it's hands free.

My hubby's a construction worker and he's seen countless accidents where people weren't paying attention to the traffic patterns because they were so busy with their cell phones.

Molly Daniels said...

Yeah, Kim, I saw that. Blogged about it the same day on my site!

Playground Monitor said...

Don't get me started! I have a cell and it's a great convenience. But I certainly don't use it in the car and if I have to make or take a call in public, I move to an out of the way spot and talk softly and briefly.

It also gives me a sense of security since I frequently drive alone to visit relatives.

But I can't understand this dependence some folks have.

Anne Rainey said...

Brenna--I totally want one of those jammers!! haha!!

Bekki--I hate when they're in a restaurant yakking on their phone. We were sitting across from this one guy who actually had to be told to get off his phone he was being SO loud! A quiet conversation is one thing, but when they yelling into the phone that's so annoying! Take it outside!

Beth Caudill said...

I have a cell phone because my husband wants me to have one 'for emergencies'. I have it and use it occasionally. It's a pay per minute thing because I spend like $20 every 3 to 4 months and we'd waste money on a plan.

I mean what is so important that you need to talk while driving, standing in line, etc. What they can't wait another 5 minutes or something. Drives me crazy. Maybe I don't talk enough but really do you need to put your and everyone else's life at risk?

Anne Rainey said...

Linda, I agree! Although I don't think Ohio has a no cell phone law while driving law, but I'd love it if they did!!

Anne Rainey said...

Beth--I rarely use mine. My SIL law has hers glued to her ear though, it's annoying. I'd hate to see her bill!

CJ Parker said...

I've got a cell phone story too. How would you feel if you paid for RWA workshop and the person next to you not only does not put her phone on vibrate, but after it rings the first time, sits it on the table so she can get to it quicker next time it rings. And both times it rings she has conversations. The speaker finally told her to take it outside. Why pay for a workshop if all you're going to do is talk on the phone?

Margaret Tanner said...

It is infuriating people's lack of consideration.I call it downright rudeness. A few months ago I went to a funeral and during the service, the same person's phone went off twice and each time he answered it and had a chat to the person on the other end. How's that for rudeness?

Anne Rainey said...

Cj--wow, that's NOT the way to make an impression at RWA!! How dumb can one person be?!

Margaret--OMG!!!! That's gotta be the worst story of cell phone use I've ever heart! I think I would have been tempted to snatch the damn phone and crush it under my shoe! ugh!

Unknown said...

This is a hot topic most places. I'm a bit in both camps. I believe that common courtesy and common sense are lacking in a lot of people.

I put my phone on vibrate it a theater and if it goes off and I have to talk I walk to the hall to talk. If my son is at his dad’s and he calls I will take it regardless of where I am, but I try to be considerate. I got text messaging for all of us, it saves on minutes. It doesn’t bother me unless I know they are ignoring me. LOL

As for talking on a hand’s free set while driving it is probably not as big of a distraction as talking to the person next to you (or your kid in the back) because you aren’t temped to turn to look at them. You’re also less likely to use your hands making gestures.

The City of Phoenix made it illegal to text while driving and I support that, it should be common sense. It doesn’t matter if a kid was in that woman’s car, there might have been one in the car she hit. Critics of this (the phone companies and teens) say that it is not as hazardous to text as it is to eat, drink or smoke. They are probably right, but you can’t outlaw them as easily. I guarantee if a cop sees you weaving because you’re eating, talking, putting on makeup or shaving you will get pulled over in this state for unsafe driving. I’ve seen it happen.

BrennaLyons said...

I'm not sure I'd agree with texting being safer than drinking. Mind you, I'm the type who drinks from a straw in the car, but drinking a soda through a straw while driving isn't a distraction. You don't even have to take your eyes off the road to tip your head back...and I take my right hand off the wheel to shift anyway (standard), so what's the difference, if my hand is on the stick or a cup?

Safer than eating? Probably not, though if it's something like french fries, eating is probably much safer...see the not looking away from the road and not having hands full for a long time thing. Not that I tend to eat while driving. Just making an observation. Safer than smoking? Arguable, depending on how you're trying to light up.


Anne Rainey said...

Thanks for the viewpoint, Connie! I wish our cops would pull more people over for that sort of thing. I got in a car accident once because a guy was busy fiddling with his radio. Slammed right into me. :-/

BrennaLyons said...

EVERY single accident I've been in, bar none (well, ones where I was driving...), involved me making a legal stop (a red light, a stop sign, waiting for a break in traffic to make a left turn) and some dufus not paying attention (one on his cell phone, one exhausted, one just not paying attention) and plowing right into the back of my car.

The best was the one who tried to lie to the police about what happened. As if the physical evidence wouldn't prove him lying?


Playground Monitor said...

I heard they might start allowing cell phone usage on commercial flights. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Can you imagine being trapped in an airplane for a couple hours with a bunch of yakking people?

Regarding texting while driving, I know a fellow whose fiancee was killed when a teenager ran a stop sign and plowed into her car. The teen was texting while driving.

Michelle B said...

I have a constant battle with my students about how rude and inappropriate it is to text message in class. It drives me nuts! Especially when they look at me a few minutes later in class and say "I'm lost."

BrennaLyons said...

Here, it's illegal to even carry the cell phone into the classroom. When a phone enters the school, it must be turned off. If you're middle school or high school, it has to stay in your locker or purse. If you're in grade school, it has to stay in your backpack in the cubby or your teacher's desk. Only teachers have cell phones in the classroom, and even then...some teachers have been sanctioned for talking or texting in the classroom.

And, I heard they shot down the idea of cell on planes. The unions had a nitzy and guaranteed someone would be beaten to death on a plane over it. It was nixed, last I heard. THANK GOODNESS!

Anne Rainey said...

I don't think it's illegal to have the phones at school, but they do have to turn them off during class. They can text and talk at lunch time. One teacher is pretty funny. When he catches them texting during class, he takes the phone and puts in a lock code. He won't unlock until the end of the school day. LOL, Kati said one time he a girl's mother called the kid during class, the teacher took the phone and explained to mom that it was class time, then kept the phone til the end of the school year...

when in class, kids have enough on their minds other than work, they don't need the added distraction of a phone too!

Michelle B said...

Did I mention I teach at a community college? Yeah, they're probably worse than younger students. We made it through class today without text messaging YAY!

BrennaLyons said...

Oh, OLDER students are a different matter. In my case, I was talking about grades pre-K-12. It's not illegal in the sense of there's a state law against them in the classrooms. It's a district-wide rule. The kids aren't allowed to have them in the classroom.

Now, at SOME schools, where every classroom has a phone, and the overhead speakers work, it's also constrained for teachers to carry them. If there is not BOTH of those systems in place, the teachers' union fought for teachers to have them for family emergencies. There's only one school I've worked where I'm not allowed to carry a working cell into the classroom, and I am ALWAYS allowed to carry one on outings and outside the classroom.