Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Parts is Parts

We have a really special treat for you today. Michelle Buonfiglio from Romance: B(u)y the Book at Lifetime Television's is guest blogging today! Oh, and she's talking about one of my favorite topics...body parts! At the end of the day we'll draw one name from the commenter's to win a six-pack of erotic romances that Michelle has kindly offered to give out. Woo hoo!

So, my kids and I are doing homework at the kitchen table last night, all warm and fuzzy, bellies full, brimming with happiness of the kind only corn-dog dinners and shared silliness bring. My homework? Putting together content on Lifetime’s “drupal,” the digital system that publishes all our online stuff and is tech-supported on, like, three continents.

Suddenly, I cause a glitch and groan in pained frustration, jamming my fingers into my hair like some damn Regency romance hero, crying, “Shooooooooooot!”

And my 11-year-old son -- his voice shaded oh, so sweetly with precise, pre-adolescent sarcasm – deadpans, “What’s wrong, Mom? Didja’ misspell orgasm again?”

OK. That was so one of those times I lament offering my son open communication about all things sexual – and ever letting him stumble across my work. Because I feel almost as if I’ve created a monster, despite the fact he assures me all’s well, because, and I quote, “It’s just those three little syllables, Mum: Pyoo-ber-tee.”

Now, I understand it’s not so unusual for males of the species to have sex on their minds pretty much constantly from the age of 11-ish. And I remember being wicked – no pun intended, Misses Wicked! – curious at that age, too about “doing it” and boys and the stuff “nice girls didn’t do.”

Oddly enough, as much as I thought about boys and sex – which was nearly constantly -- I never thought much about the actual, well, boy parts. I didn’t even know how to pronounce penis until I hit junior high.

Now, part of the reason I love erotic romance is the way it celebrates the correlation between growing commitment and intimacy in a relationship, and heightened enjoyment of sexuality in that love match. But in addition, I adore the fact that in my favorite erotic romances, there’s dialogue and prose and imagery chock-a-block with my most favoritest male body part, the name of which easily trips from the tongue these days.

And for as often as I read it and revel in its myriad lengths and girths and outrageous antics, I simply must admit I never, ever, under any circumstance, tire of reading the word cock. Yet I know writers struggle with ways to describe that delectable member – and some ( one might say tragically misguided) readers tire of the same-old c-word tag.

To that end, I thought I’d share with you a nifty-yet-sophomoric little site I found today that could help erom authors frustrated with trying to find new ways to name the boy (and girl) parts. It’s called -- a place where folks go to find out what names couples give their genitalia.

When you hit – and we’re all adults here, so make sure you’re up for the “sex and swinger personals” ads – you’ll find you can vote on the pet names, co-own a name (Who knew someone else named their Va JJ, “Lawrence of a Labia”) or just sink into the train wreck that is

Authors? When you write your next erotic masterpiece, feel free to thank me in the acknowledgements thusly: To Michelle, who taught me that a cock by any other name is still, well, a cock – and just as sweet.

You shouldn’t have any problem getting that through editorial.

What’s your favorite body part in erom? Why do you think women respond to female as well as male genital imagery in erom? Does “graphic” dialogue, imagery and prose add to or take away from your enjoyment of a love story? What are the best terms you’ve ever read for parts?

Thanks, Misses Wicked, for sharing your digs with me today! And, would you please not show this to my mom?


Stacy~ said...

Hey, it's the QB (Queen Bella for the uninitiated) talking wicked talk - what a shocker. There are just some things you can always depend on *g*

Hmmm, I think since reading erotic romance, starting w/ Bertrice Small when I was the tender age of 12 really helped ease the way for me reading it today. I'm not shocked or disgusted by certain words that are usually found in porn vids. In fact, I rather dig them because they are as raw and extreme and erotic as the really sexy scenes, and I prefer that kinda talk in my erotic romance.

What I don't care for are the Indian (?) terms lingham and yoni. These words are not sexy to me and instead of evoking sensual and explicit imagery, I feel like I am getting a language lesson and it draws me away from the fun. But that's just me.

Redz World Reviews said...

I think the sexies part is the chest with scupted muscles.. ummmm not only eye candy but hand candy too.
now as for graphic in a novel... depends on how the author says it. if they say it in a romantic way it will fly but if your like writting it more graphic sometimes it makes the reader go ewwwwww

Regina Carlysle said...

LOL. I won't breathe a WORD about this to your mom, hon! Hey, thanks for joining us and I'm gonna HAVE to check out this site. I tend to like the word "cock" too, sometimes it's just "erection" and sometimes I go with the standard "penis"...which I confess made me blush when I was in middle school.

Some erotic words still squick me out so I don't use them but after writing erotica for awhile I've finally settled on some that I'm comfortable with.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Hey Michelle! We'd like to thank you for spending the day with us today!!

As for body parts...there are SO many to choose from. It's hard to pick one. For the not explicit parts, LOVE me some sexy forearms and hands. Don't know what it is but they're so yummy to me.

The word cock is one of my favorite words too ;) Something extremely HAWT about it.

Thanks again!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, you wicked, wicked writers and readers! Ooo, I luvs me this place. :) Thanks so much for inviting me, Kelley, and introducing me to your wicked sisters of the quill, Anne and Regina!

Stace, there are certain words that turn me off, too. Sometimes it's the description of moisture, like "spurting," but oddly enough, it's when it refers to women, not men. i'm reminded of an eppie of "Californication" that was really graphic. And, hello? David Duchovny in sex-addiction rehab? Could it be he just "got caught cheatin" and it worked out that that rehab also helps promote the show? And I really like the show.

OOps. Sidetracked again. Anyways. I know some folks don't dig the medical terms for genitalia in their romance, but some authors just make it work. But I'm totally with you, Stace; I digs the dirty talk uber alles. (and maybe yoni is a little too close to Yani, that inexplicable popular pop singer of the 90s???)

Hey,Redz! Nice to meetcha!mmmm, chestses! Verrry niiiice. Male nipples. That was another kind of imagery that kind of surprised me cause it was yet another boy part I didn't consider. Man, my adolescence was pathetic, no?

What are the things that make you go "ewwwww," redz?

Hi, REgina! Thanks so much for having me to your place today. :) mmmm. you had me at erection. I just love penis imagery. Or is it penile imagery. Give me a plump cap or a shaft around which one can barely close one's fist, and I"m a happy girl for many pages. and if it's the hero's fist -- or his best buddy's -- that can't close -- more's the better. [blushing prettily]

Aw, man. You're so right about me, stace; I'm predictable.

Crystal Adkins said...

Ok get this I had never read an erotic book until I was like 20!! I think females can relate to other female imagry b/c we have that equipment so we can relate well and for the men... well we know what we like ;)
I love the part of my hubby that his hips have that curve or sometimes it's called cut that goes from like his lower stomach to his ummm region.

Regina Carlysle said...

Oooh. Crystal, I love that line too. What the hell is that called? It's like this cool ARROW pointing to all the right places. SNICKER.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Hi Regina!

I love a sexy, tanned, thick throat. And thick forearms...and thick arms....hmm, I'm starting to see a theme here. LOL

I love the word 'cock'. I think it's uber sexy. For some reason, though, 'penis' doesn't work for me. It just seems class or something. Love 'shaft', 'pole' (particularly 'thick pole' *G*), .

Portia Da Costa said...

I don't think I have a favourite word for male genitalia. I just write whatever word seems apt for the mood of the scene or the moment in it. The story itself seems to tell me what word to use. But having said that, 'cock' is a good all purpose word that's strong without being crude. IMHO.

Favourite parts of the body on a man? Well, actually, I think it's the eyes and the mouth... looking at them, they seem to tell you everything you need to know about what's going on in his mind and heart and libido. :)

Oh, and strong but beautiful hands are a huge turn on too.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Crystal, that is SO sexy. I love that V on a man.

Liza, I don't use penis much in my writing. Its usually cock, shaft, erection, along those lines.

Karen Erickson said...

I am definitely going to have to check that website out...LOL.

I also love the word cock. I remember the first time I read it in a romance - Brenda Joyce that dirty girl (she was very dirty back in the late 80s - early 90s) threw it in there and I remember being shocked. And thrilled!

Favorite body part? I love chests and stomachs because if you keep going down you eventually get to the good stuff. ;)

Regina Carlysle said...

YAY!!! Is COCK winning??? Oops. Sorry this isn't a contest, is it? LOL

I looove backs. Especially long, lean ones that lead to a mighty fine butt that is usually clothed in denim. YUM.

Regina Carlysle said...

Oh, HI LIZA *waving crazily* congrats on the NOR stuff. I'm there too. In great company.


Rebekah E. said...

I love stomaches that are extremely toned. I love all of the ridges and how everymans is a little different. Not all of the ab muscles are the same size and some aren't even. Get stomach just really get me in a fine state.

Lisa F. said...

As a teen, we used the word 'dick' and it's one that I always used until my kids were old enough to question me. I had an awful habit of calling anyone who pissed me off a dickhead, especially in traffic. DH finally told me to try to curb that tendency when the kids were in the car.

I love a man's hands - strong yet gentle when necessary. The smile that shines or the eyes that twinkle to let me know he's got a sense of humor. And I love the beard - if you've never felt a man's beard rubbing gently across your breasts and stomach (and lower) you've missed out!

Great topic, Michelle! If I'm really into the book, it doesn't matter what the author calls the body parts. I can skim over the annoying names and just keep reading!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, Kelley, forearms. Yeah, baybee. A guy can have not much else goin for him, but those forearms still can make it happen, 'specially if the fingers rock, ya know?

And I agree, Kelley and crystal and liza, cock is really elemental. Those consonants work to make it rough and accessible and onomatopoetic, really. I mean, can't you just feel it in the back of your throat? When you SAY it, I mean, you cheeky, wicked wenches!!!

And guys use the term proudly -- and have literally used it for ages, since the word's like middle English, right?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You know, Lisa, my husband sometimes kids me he's going to grow a goatee, because I keep looking at all the baseball players going, "um, boys, once you steal a grooming statement from gay men, it means it's they're probably done with it, and it's totally over as a fashion look." But now, I'm thinking, viva la facial hair! I mean, Dave already loves "Hairspray..."

Yes, Regina! I think the cocks are... oh, no, I can't say it...ahead. ugh.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

crystal, I was 40!!! And I think I felt the same as you. Once I found that other women were turned on by the graphic language and scenarios mixed with intense passion and romance, I felt so accepted and relieved. Like I was OK, and there was nothing to feel guilty about or there was nothing wrong with me for liking to think about sex. So freeing. Reading romance -- especially erotic romance -- changed my life. :) As did meeting other women who read the stuff. :)

Karen!!! Oh, that Brenda Joyce stuff was FABulous! The GAme? That bastardly old Devlin O'Neill? Now there was a cocksman. I love a hero who mixes nasty with nasty, ya know? But that's just me.

mmm, liza, girth always trumps length in any scientific survey I've conducted. Among readers! Again with the cheek, wenches!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Lisa, I'm the same with dick. It's always got that pejorative connotation with me. And you know? I tried so hard never to swear around my kids. It lasted til about a year ago when I first let fly the f-bomb in traffic. The silence in the car was deafening. But I love creative cursing, although timing -- and knowing one's audience -- is everything.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

rebekah, wow! That's flippin eloquent! You, my sister, are a connoisseur of of the male abdomen. Brava!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Portia, I think there are some folks who would disagree with our finding cock strong, yet not crude. But they're just not any fun, are they? I love your idea about eyes and lips, but I'd raise the ante to imagery about the hero's eyes surveying the heroine and his lips doing the same...

btw, I keep spelling hero, heroe. What's wrong with me?

Marilyn Puett said...

Somewhere (maybe Men's Health magazine) I read that the line going from hip to groin was called a "money maker." Works for me. Once I wrote a scene where the heroine was looking at the line of hair from the hero's navel south and had the urge to sing "Happy Trails." ;-)

I gotta have lots of emotion to go with all those body parts or it doesn't work for me.

And oh my gawd at that website! Google "woody's world of penis euphemisms" and you'll find another funny one.

P.S. My verification word is ioxbj. How appropos to include a BJ with all this thingy talk. ;-)

Kati said...

Well, well, well, here's our QB making with the dirty tawk. LOL!


Hi Michelle! This is a terrific topic!

Favorite part of a guy? The two indentations over his ass. Love that! Very, very sexy. I also like the cuts on the way down too. What DO you call those? And I love a really well defined triceps. Very sexy on a well built man.

I agree with Stacy (what a shocker), I really don't have a lot of issues with sexually explicit language. At all. Probably because I have a pretty general potty mouth. Like Michelle, I have issues with dripping and spurting when it comes to women. There are medications to treat that for God's sake. It sounds like the heroine should avail herself of some!

I also love sex scenes where the hero engages in some, what do we call it, Michelle? Taking himself in hand. In front of the heroine...oh yeah. Very sexy if well done.

*fans self* OK, all hot and bothered now and I'm at work!

Great topic, Queen Bella!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Marilyn! Oh, my! Such naughty talk from a grandmother! When will you start acting (and looking!) your age, missy?! And, 'money maker?' As in 'shake yo?' Excellent! Happy trails, indeed. Gotta check out the woodies...

MK, i must say, I'm a bit warm after your comments. The dimples? Oh, my, my, my. So sweet. And you are SO right: If only more heroes could just get a handle on themselves, the romance world would be a better place. I guess that the perfect scene -- IRL and in romance -- is if a guy would take himself in hand while describing what he'd doing and about to do in the randiest, raunchiest language possible. But subtly, ya know? Cause, subtlety is everything in self-love/aggressive-exhibitionism imagery.

Oh, why do these topics always come up when my husband's been traveling for days...

Portia Da Costa said...

"the hero's eyes surveying the heroine and his lips doing the same..."

Oh yeah... :)

Regina Carlysle said...

Wow. What a bunch of WICKED WOMEN!!! I love those above the ass dimples too. Wanna just dip your fingertip there don'cha?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Portia, I can't wait for everyone to catch a glimpse of your new book in tomorrow's RBTB newsletter! Even with the lovely, moist and throbbing bit of penis imagery I had to excise (ouch!) it's perty dayum steamy! LOVE Prof. Hotty Mc Hotstuff!

Other erom authors here? What do your readers tell you about how "raw" language and imagery makes them feel? And at what point to you go, "oh, even that's too much for me!" and hit delete?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Fingahs, Kelley? oh, I guess you could use those there, too...

Amy Ruttan said...

I love a good description of an aroused man. I like the dirty talk, and I love the sexual tension. That's my favorite part to write.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Amy, that's a great distinction to make. Aroused v semi v flaccid (never a good visual) v 'still erect despite having been sated...' Glad you enjoy writing it; keep bringin it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Michelle, I'm still snickering over your son's comment ;) And I think it's fantastic how open you are with him!

As for the question, I'm wirh Portia. The eyes have it. At least I think they do. I don't ever get close enough to tell :) And muscled arms....

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I know, Orannia. My mouth just hung open when he said it. Imagine me with nothing to say. I'm with you on the eyes. And I've always been shy around men, too. Ah, well... guess that's also why I read romance...

Phoebe Jordan said...

I'm the package deal because they all make the physic of the male body so fascinating.

I'm still giggle about what your son said too. But I think it's great that you have an open relationship with your son. I wish I had one with my mom but it seems weird to start now.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL, Pheobe! I so hear you on the mom thing. The total package can be great, too. What's wrong with a little perfection? Ah, me! I guess I've been abjectly sexist today, objectifying boy parts the way I have.

I feel so very awful. Just. Awful.

Judith Rochelle said...

Okay, I'm late to the party but I couldn't miss this. Yes, Regina, cock is the word of the day. No matter how you say it, it's stil....a cock! And hiever said ewww to dripping and spurting definitely gets my vote. Believe it or not, I never read an erotic romance until four years ago and I will NOT tell you how old I was then. Then it's like I became obsessed and addicted. And had to start writing them.
For me the turnon, whether I'm reading it or writing it, is decribing in the most evocative terms and feelings of each eprson as they complete each phase of sexual activities. I want to be able to put myself into the scene and feel what they do. I love graphic language but it hasd to have some emotion with it, even if the relationship is not permanent. So have I bored everyone yet?
Michelle, loved the post and definitely will visit the web site. Thank you for guesting on this blog today.
Oh, and BTW, the first time one of my kids asked me what a cunt was I enarlt stroked out.

Fedora said...

Hi, Michelle! I've never heard of that site before but I'm cracking up thinking that people are giving their personal parts names--I've known that people do, but wow... that's amazing. As for when I read, I tend to prefer the basics--cock works just fine. I think the attempts at creative ones just make me giggle--"shaft of love," "manroot," "nature's joystick"--eek!

And as some others have mentioned, a nicely muscled chest and stomach is a thing of beauty ;)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ah, flchen, the notorious manroot; a great fave. But 'nature's joystick' has me grinning foolishly. (my kids are at the table now, and they think I'm just smiling at them as usual). Let me ask this about the chest/stomach: Do you prefer hair? or this creepiness of waxing every bit of men's body hair as if we're all tween girls and it would scare us! um, I guess I've made my opinionknown. sorry. I just kinda miss hair.

Oh, God, Judith! I'm stroking out just thinking of that! The Bellas are pretty used to hearing how it is around my house with my ever-curious son. I so wish my husband were around to experience some of the lovin love, but my son doesn't like to make him uncomfortable.

The incident that led to my being so open w/ our son -- which the Bellas from RBT B know well -- is that my husband confessed to me he'd done something very bad. Our son asked him, 'dad, what's a virgin?" And Dave replied," ahem, it's, coughcough, someone who's, uh, never...been married. son."

So from there, I dragged Dave by the ear to have the big talk/powwow with the boy. I knew which way the wind blew when my son chose to ask me, not his dad: so, what's all the fuss about breasts? And the joy's just gone on from there...

I love how the novels inspired you to write and share the passion.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I'll check back in a little while, Wicked wenches!

Crystal Adkins said...

I agree with Kelly let's call it the V :)

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks for a very entertaining blog!! LOL

As for parts. Well, I appreciate them all. I'm so easy it's sick. LOL!

Liane Gentry Skye said...

OMG. Thingie names? This I gotta see. :)

Kelley Nyrae said...

I like hair but not too hairy. Too much is icky for me, LOL. Makes me worried it might start travelling to the back, LOL. Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I'm sooo excited to see Michelle here today, since she was so gracious to let me blog on her site when my sexy Victorian novella "The Disciplinarian" came out in Secrets, Volume 15!

As for body parts, I have no problem with cock -- like Michelle, I think it's second nature for men to use the word, so why shouldn't we romance writers make use of this oh-so-manly word? But for a woman's er, part, I use 'quim' since I write Victorian/historical romance, and it's such a prettier-sounding word!

Leigh Court(waving hi to Michelle!)

Unknown said...

My son just turned 12. He knows where babies come from and he’s learned proper terms for body parts. I told him before his clueless father could mess it up. When he asks more questions he’ll get the right answers.

I’m surprised I haven’t see this hear but I really love long legs, even better if there’s a great ass attached but the legs are a biggie. I’m not sure why but it’s been that way as long as I can remember. Great eyes and lips are wonderful toppings.

I’m trying to write my first story so coming up with names for body parts is kinda fun. That site is nuts! LOL

Ebook Addict said...

To funny I was laughing so hard my husband wanted to know what I was reading I showed him and had him rolling to:-)

Thanks for the laugh:-)


Unknown said...

Six pack abs. Cock is one of my fave words too.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I'm back! Can't wait to read what you've been sayin while I was out w/kids. Of course I got lost finding the restaurant (since we're new to town).

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Anne! I think you mean sick in the best way, right?!

You've gotta see it to believe it, liane. Brace yourself. :)

Hiya, Leigh! Great to see you here! Ahhh, the Disciplinarian...why didn't I ever meet a guy like him when I was single...Yes, quim. But what about cunny? Are there any good historical terms for cock? I just think cock is a term for all seasons, ya know? It's, like, the perfect word. [hushed moment of silence, please].


Now, Miss Kelley, thanks for chiming in on the hirsuteness. But I dunno, that whole idea of men waxing the boys. shiver. But can I tell you, I probably was reading romance, like 2 years before I realized that what bothered me about the covers was that the guys were hairless (with great mulletositousness on la cabeza). And it's a word if I say it is. :)

Connie writes: I told him before his clueless father could mess it up

Connie! we feel each others' pain. Does your husband feel the same relief mine does that you've taken the reins on that one? And good call on the long legs and fine arse. :)

You're welcome, ebook addict! Glad you two had some fun!

Amy, how's come I count 8 sometimes? Is there an 8-pack of abs?

Unknown said...

Michelle B, His dad is my ex. I won't trash him online but lets just say that he could use the same talks our son will get.

Did you ever see Dukes of Hazzard? Bo Duke's long legs nearly did me in. GRIN

robynl said...

most terms are fine with me but at times I do sort of go 'yikes' when reading some;
I like hair on my men(man).

Many years ago I heard for the first time someone calling their private parts names; my friend and her boyfriend called his Heathcliff and hers Gertrude; I was with them and they whispered that Heathcliff would sure like to play with Gertrude. Kind of cute.

Renee Knowles said...

Fabulous post, Michelle! And from a woman who just recently adopted a baby boy, I'm beginning to see all I have to look forward to!



Regina Carlysle said...

Okay. Gotta comment one the hair thing. Aren't MEN supposed to have HAIR??? Good golly Miss Molly...I love me some chest hair on a guy. Maybe it's my AGE but these pre-pubescent looking guys with the carefully waxed chests are a complete turn off to me. Know all the hottie pics everyone posts??? Well what happened to MEN???

Sorry...blushing...I got carried away.

Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, Michelle. Please come back, babe. We'd love it.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Well when I look at the hottie pictures smooth no haired chests don't bother me BUT in real life they should have some, just not a jungle, LOL. My hubby's chest is perfect. Just the right amount of brown hair dusting hard chest muscles...oops, sorry, I'm getting a little sidetracked here ;)

Jodi said...

Too funny on your son! I think I would have died laughing. I don't wirte, however I can picture one of my smart mouthed kids say something like that when they get older!
I love a man's biceps. I find I spend a lot of time checking them out when I'm at the gym.
Not too many words make me cringe, but just call the parts, what they are, don't make them flowery petals! LOL

Anonymous said...

love a nice butt. i like th ewritings of erin mccarhty , shannon mckenna.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

LOL, Connie! Oh, i had some of my fondest tween fantasies about them Duke boys..hmmm, I'm still having fantasies about dukes...

Robynl, I thought you were gonna say Heathcliff and Cathrine! Which is, I guess, better than Heathcliff and Jon...

Renee, congrats on your baby! One of our children is adopted, and we feel so lucky! We're not so sure she's gonna end up thinkin she hit the jackpot... The nice thing about all of us as moms and erom fans is that we can gently and appropriately indoctrinate our sons into the husbands/fathers their mates should appreciate. And we'll never let them forget it. muahahaha.

Miss Regina, speak. on. it! Gosh, a little manscaping goes a long way, so why get rid of all of it? I'd love to hang with you all again! I can't tell you how much fun today's been for me. :)

Now yer just braggin, Kelley! I really don't mind the hairlessness of the models, but I do like some natural growth irl and even in piccies. Like, waxed arm pits are so bizarre to me on men.

Just wait, Jodi. The stuff your kids say will turn you in to a writer, if only to keep it in mind to tell your friends! Flowery petals! LOL! And dewy, weeping,, just gets worse. Unless you're Georgia O'Keefe and painting it. But, there's always the exception, and some authors can make anything work.

They are SO some of my faves, Anny! I love McKenna's biker heroes...vrrrrrooom! Oh. Did I jst write vroom? how mortifying.

Misses Wicked and especially Kelley, thank you so much for inviting me! It's been so great getting to cut loose here with your friends -- and I know the Bellas have enjoyed visiting, too. We hope you'll come hang with us at RBTB and liven the place up. :) Even my husband lurked here today. He said he couldn't stop laughing. Then he said some other stuff about his reading experience I'll keep just between the two of us... I guess he explored the site a little...

So, grazie mille, wicked wenches! See you soon!

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