Monday, October 6, 2008

how about a hot excerpt?

This is from a story releasing April next year, Turbulent Passions.

here's a blurb:

Love, is it providence or just a lump on the head?

Sapphire and Aries Demas are twins with a secret. Since the awful day their parents were killed, they’ve been in hiding, fearful the same fate will befall them. But Sapphire’s tired of all the lies. Tired of living a half-life. When she stumbles across an unconscious man while hiking through the woods and brings him home to heal, she sees something she wants for herself. But trusting an outsider could prove dangerous.

Investigative Journalist Adam Richton is supposed to get a story. He’s never failed before and doesn’t intend to start now. But the instant the beautiful and mysterious woman rescues him, he forgets all about his career. Now all he wants is Sapphire. Any way he can get her. But when he witnesses something extraordinary, his curiosity is aroused and his reporter instincts go on full alert. As he learns Sapphire’s deepest, darkest secrets, he’s not only forced to believe the unbelievable, but also choose between his job and something way more shaky, love.

and a HOT (adult) excerpt!

Sapphire’s cares flew out the window as she stretched out atop the cool blankets. Adam, in all his bronzed and dark-haired glory, sprawled out next to her. His well-muscled body and the intensity in his silver eyes was enough to have any woman drooling, but the heavy weight between his legs made her face burn. He was hard and ready. Best of all, he was hers.

Adam didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve the way she did, but she could see desire and tenderness. It was as if he was trying to reassure her, even encourage her to take the lead. She was lost to this new type of lovemaking.

Adam wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in tight. “For tonight I want you to relax and leave all the big questions for later. Just feel my body against yours,” Adam softly commanded. His voice, so rich and smooth, slid over her skin, soothing and firing her blood at the same time.

“I’m scared,” she confessed and buried her nose into his side.

“Never be afraid with me, sweetheart. I won’t hurt you,” he promised.

She wasn’t so certain of that. Already she felt emotions for him that she couldn’t explain. His stay was not a permanent one, and she knew when he left it would cut her deep. She’d be an open wound.

“You’re not relaxing. Leave those intense thoughts for later, baby. For now just enjoy. Think only of pleasure, nothing more.”

Sapphire wanted that so badly. With the single-minded purpose of enjoying every moment she could, she began touching him. Her hand smoothed over his pectorals and sifted her fingers through the coarse curls that littered his chest. Then she inched her leg over his, letting her wet pussy skim along the side of his muscular thigh. Adam groaned, and she continued, encouraged by the hungry sounds coming from deep in his chest.

She teased her fingers down his chest, giving herself free rein to touch and do as she pleased. In some dark part of her soul, Sapphire loved having Adam at her mercy. Evidently, she had a bit of the dominatrix in her. Who knew?

“You are so sweet, Sapphire, so soft.” His hands skated over her overheated skin, his lips pressed into her hair.

Sapphire brushed her fingers over the head of his cock, rubbing the pearl of moisture she encountered all around. She brought her fingers to her lips and lapped up the sticky fluid. Adam groaned and pulled her on top of his huge body. He grinned wickedly up at her, before he drew her down for a kiss. His lips, so warm and eager, tasted her as if he wanted to spend a good long time pleasuring each and every part of her with his mouth. Lips parted and tongues met in a wild mating dance. All the while his hands massaged and caressed. When his fingers came close to her clitoris, she broke the kiss and sat up. She toyed with his nipple, encouraged by Adam’s smoldering expression.

“You make me feel raw, Sapphire. Needy and raw.”

She sucked in a breath and muttered, “Good.”


“That means I’m not the only one feeling out of control.”

“No, you aren’t the only one.”

Adam stroked her nether lips. Sapphire’s body vibrated at the bare touch. “Tu es dans toutes mes pensées,” he murmured.

The beauty of the French words filled her with love. “You are in all my thoughts,” she interpreted.

He blinked, as if bringing himself out of his mental musings. “You know French?”

“And Italian and Greek.” At his stunned expression, she explained, “My parents traveled a lot, and I picked up the different languages easily.”

He placed his palm on the back of her head and urged her down for a lingering kiss, then ordered, “No more talking, baby, just feel.”

As she lay atop the wild and rugged man, his hands all over her, stroking and touching and driving her crazy with need, her mind glommed onto one fact. She was falling in love with him, and he would tear her heart out when he left her. If all she was to have was this moment, she would make the most of it.

“Time for show and tell,” she whispered in his ear.

Adam licked his lips and smiled. “You show, I’ll tell.”

“Mmm, I like that plan,” she murmured, grinning down at him. Adam gave her a sexy hum of approval then in the next heartbeat Sapphire found herself flat on her back with Adam pinning her to the mattress. “You’re so fucking hot, you burn me up.”

She didn’t know what to say. Adam lifted slowly and laid on his side with his head propped up, staring down at her. “What do you have to show me?”

Sapphire leaned over the side of the bed and opened the bottom drawer of her nightstand. Her stomach fluttered with anxiety as she placed a wooden box between them on the bed.

“What is it?”

Feeling naughty, she whispered, “Something for our pleasure.”

what do you suppose she ahs in that box? *wicked grin*


Kelley Nyrae said...

I really like this, Anne. I don't know what's in the box but I sure want to! *wink wink*

Regina Carlysle said...

Hmmmm. My imagination is going wild here!!!! It's something really naughty, I'm sure. Great excerpt, Anne.

Amy Ruttan said...

Very hot.

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks Kelley! I can't wait for this story to release! It's killing me! LOL

Thanks IS something wild. How'd you guess? hehe! ;)

Thanks, Amy! :)

mamasand2 said...

I love this excerpt Anne. It's way beyond Yummy. It's hawt and intriguing. I can't wait for the release. It's so far away.


Liane Gentry Skye said...

girl, you are on a roll. I love this one, with its little promise of some steamy magic. :D