Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm a quirky gal!

I realized something about myself this morning that came as somewhat of a shock. I'm strange. LOL Hmm, I've heard the first step is admitting it. So, I'm about to fill you in on the strangeness of Anne Rainey.

  • It's nothing for me to open a package of ramen noodles and just eat the noodles, uncooked. Like a cookie or something.
  • I almost always eat a ho-ho in small bits. First the outside chocolate layer, then I peel the inside cake part and it it.
  • I rarely, if ever, put ice in my pop.
  • I read magazines from back to front, this might be because I'm left handed...? Who knows.
  • I prefer the corner pieces of a pizza. Don't care for the middles at all.
  • I save old shampoos and conditioners. My bathroom cabinet is full of half used bottles. Why? I have no clue. I just can't seem to bring myself to toss them.
  • I sleep in a cocoon. I have three blankets. Two of them are quilts, but one is a king sized blanket that I fold in two. I sleep inside the two halves so that the blanket is surrounding me.
  • My feet are always cold, but I hate wearing shoes.
  • I wear black almost all the time. Not for any fashionable reason, I just do. I guess colors just seem to look strange on me.
  • I never wash my face. Shocker, I know. LOL But I never have, I see no reason to start now. In the shower I'll splash water on my face, that's about it though.
  • I started going gray when I was in my early twenties. I'd be all gray by now if I stopped dying.
  • I'm easy going almost all the time. It takes a lot to get me yelling. Friends who know my brothers could never figure out how I ended up so calm when they've always been like great big thunder clouds.
  • When I eat, I'm all about texture. If it's mushy or slimy, I won't touch it with a ten foot pole. Oatmeal, mushrooms, crab legs. Yuk.
  • The smell of eggs frying makes me want to hurl.
  • and the strangest of the strange: I never paint my fingernails, though my toe nails are never without polish.

Now, you can leave me hanging in the wind all alone, or you can tell me one of your quirks...Come on, one won't hurt, right? LOL


Valerie T. said...

Hi Anne! I'm with you on the pizza, I love the crust part - the middle is too squishy. I leave that for my son!

I started going grey at 19, and stopped dying it about 3 years ago. I'm mostly grey now. It's just too much trouble!

I didn't know you were a lefty! How cool. I have a quirky thing, I have to have my keys (the teeth part) all face the same way on my keychain. I know, weird!

Have a great day!


joyroett said...

You are strange! LOL

Don't worry though, I think we're all strange one way or another.

I read tons, only romances,but I dont like movies with subtitles because I dont want to read them.

I love music but I hate musicals.

I think potatoes are weird. I like them when they are freshly cooked but leftover pototoes taste funny and whenever I try to explain it to people I just get THE LOOK. :)

Kelley Nyrae said...

I've always known we had a lot in common but didn't realize all the quirks we shared.

I eat top ramen raw.

I think ice makes soda taste flat. I'd much rather drink from the can or without ice.

I have BAD texture issues with food. That's why I can't eat bread. It makes me gag because its gooey and doughy. YUCK!

I also have sauce issues. I don't eat many at all, no katchup, mustard, mayo, cream cheese, sour cream, tartar sauce, and probably more that I just can't think of right now.

Regina Carlysle said...

Yep. I always knew you were just WEIRD. LOL. I hate to wear shoes or SOCKS. I have these really long toes and they get all squished up. I can't stand it. My dishes have to go in the dishwasher a certain WAY. The kids always did clean up duty after the evening meal and they'd get so mad when I had to go and rearrange everything. I always go to the end of a book (every TIME) to make sure the ending is happy. If it's not, I set the book aside unread. When a waiter in a restaurant puts my plate down, I always have to move it a little bit (even when they say...careful, the plate is HOT).

Cindy said...

Hey Anne,like you I have alot of quirks,but when I read yours I had to laugh,listen to this,first I am left handed too,I read a magazine from back to front ,I also prefer corner pieces of pizza,I don't like ice in my soda,my feet are always cold,but I hate shoes(but I do wear socks all the time),I don't like mushy or slimy food (if I don't like the way something looks,I'm not gonna eat it),I also never paint my fingernails,but I always keep my toenails polished with bright colors.
I thought is was funny that we had so much in common.

Anne Rainey said...

LOL, Valerie that key thing is so cute. I can see my youngest daughter doing that. She's got a lot of little quirks.

Anne Rainey said...

Joy--that's too funny about the potatoes. Kati, my oldest, is that way. When she was a baby I gave her some mashed potatoes, she spit it out and gave me this look,'are you trying to kill me, woman!' She doesn't like any potatoes at all.

Anne Rainey said...

Kelley--That IS funny about the ramen noodles. I truly haven't met anyone who does that! About sauces. When I first met my husband it always cracked me up how much his family just LOVES sauces. They put some sort of sauce on nearly everything! They're the only family I know who can take a perfectly healthy dish and ruin it with some sort of sauce. LOL

Regina--that cracks me up about the plate thing! LOL

Anne Rainey said...

Cindy--OMG!! I think we were seperated at birht, that's just freaky! I've never met anyone with the same quirks! Too funny! I wonder if it's a left handed thing...hmm. Intersting.

Barb said...

Hey Anne!
Quirks are funny things. I have to have my money in my wallet facing the same way in order... ones, fives, tens, etc. The cans in my cabinet have to be stacked with label facing out and in order as to what they are. Videos and DVD's are in alphabetical order. Books are alphabetical by author then date of publication. When I eat muffins, I take it apart and leave the bottom in one piece and tear the top in multiple pieces eating the bottom first. That's just a few I can think of right now.

Faith V. Smith said...

Anne, wow, lots of information. Your skin is beautiful, so I'm wondering if I should ditch the Oil of Olay and go au natural with

I'm really trying to come up with strange things about me. Yes, I know I'm a strange person

Okay, I'm a germ phobic. If something drops on the floor it has to be cleaned immediately. Could stem from years of home health or when Rick was sick at home.

Let me see what else I can come up with, I put my makeup on before I get a bath, I check under my bed for spiders and inside the covers before I got to sleep. I have to have the television on to to to sleep and I like to write and edit in my gown and

Faith V. Smith

Anne Rainey said...

Barb--I used to be so crazy about the cans and things being in order and facing outward, then I had kids. I'm lucky if the cans even make it to the cabinet. LOL!

Faith--Thanks for the compliments. I credit my mother. She's been passing good skin tips onto me since I was a wee thing.

And you really put your makeup on before a bath? Now that's a new one. LOL I love finding out that I'm not the only one with quirks!

Faith V. Smith said...

Yes, I truly With me being so myopic, I have to be able to see to do my makeup. I wash my face, put in my cl's, do my makeup and get a

Told you I'm


Genella deGrey said...

Anne wrote: "I wear black almost all the time."

My sister! (((CYBER HUG)))

That's me. Only about five percent of my wardrobe is not black.

I went through my first black phase in high school, and then was once again seduced by the dark side a decade or so later. I’m quite happy in black because I refuse to follow trends. I prefer individuality which was the basis for the whole punk movement in Europe in the 1970’s.

My favorite sentence in the English language is, "Does that come in black?"


Anne Rainey said...

Faith, that's why we get along so great! LOL We're both odd!

Genella--LOL! I've been trying to figure out when the black thing started for me. I really can't remember, but I can tell you I was never comfortable in bright colors. It just doesn't look right or something.

Valerie T. said...

Regina! A woman after my own heart! I read the endings first too! Heh heh.


Julie said...

Hi Anne,

I started going grey in my early 20's too. Now if I don't color it, I would be all grey.

I don't eat ramen noodles raw, I like mine deep fried. LOL

I have to have a fan on me when I sleep, even in the winter time or I get too hot at night.

I only own one black shirt right now. ;-0

Anne Rainey said...

Julie--I totally understand the hot thing. Though my mom likes to tell me it's early menopause, which always makes my hand itch to smack her a good one. LOL

Jody W. and Meankitty said...

I am the same way with nail paint. Fingernails no, toenails always!

Jody W.

Anne Rainey said...

Ah, like minds! I think for me it's partly because my hands are NOT pretty, why do I want to draw attn to them? Instead, I'd rather have pretty toes, they chip less anyway! :)

Katie Alexander said...

I almost feel at home here. lol Here is my list.

I buy things in twos. I don't like to run out. Everything needs to be balanced or even. that includes when I clean. My cans have to line up in my pantry or it drives me nuts. All the corn together, all the peas together. I only drink soda when I eat a burger and it has to have a lot of ice. I have to have ice in my milk. All the books by the same author have to be grouped together. My desk needs to be a certain way or I cannot concentrate.

Am I ready for the padded room or what? lol

Anonymous said...

I must be quirky as well. I do alot of those same things.

Anne Rainey said...

Katie--The books all grouped together. I used to do that. In fact I still do that with my DVDs, they're all in alphabetical order. I even have my kids doing it now! LOL

Greta--welcome to the quirky club!! :)

Jen said...

Ok, here are some of my quirks:

My money has to be facing the same direction. The top of the president's head has to be on the right. Ones go on the outside, then 5's, then 10's, etc.

Before I start a book, I flip to the back to see how many pages there are and how many chapters there are but I don't read anything on the last page.

I eat my food one thing at a time. If there's a salad, that's first, then the veggies (eaten in alphabetical order) and then the meat last.

When I rent movies, I watch them in alphabetical order.

The teeth on my keys all face the same direction.

I think that's about it. I'm sure there are more I'm not thinking of. ; -)

Julie Robinson said...

First of all, I am too busy doing stuff with my hands to have to worry about polish. But I love to paint my toenails each a different color i.e. both big toes will be purple, 2nd toe---red; 3rd toe---green, another blue, and one hot pink. I also have a think about getting into bed with dirty feet. Even if I've bathed, my feet have to be clean before I get in, so after a bath, I must wear house shoes or I'll have to clean them again. Okay, maybe I have a foot fetish! I do love my boots with really warm socks 'cause my feet are always cold.

I love being bundled up. It can be summer and I'll still be bundled up. I may be sweating inside, but there's a feeling of security in it. Guess Freud would say we're trying to return to the womb.

Black is a basic color for me. It matches everything. When I was teaching, I had the students tell me I was a Goth queen because I always had something black on.

I also read magazines from back to front. I'm ambidextrous. My books are shelved according to subject and time period--i.e. English history and lit., American history and lit.; other countries literature. Romances are shelved alphabetically according to publisher. According to Sandra Felton, I am a "perfectionist messie" because everything around me is chaos.---though I can usually find something is needs be.

'When you're strange, faces come out in the rain"
So is admitting to this the first step in some recovery program??!! Julie

Anne Rainey said...

Jen--I did NOT know that about the food! LOL! How could I not notice that?

Julie--I SO want to see your toes! That sounds adorable! :)

J.K. Coi said...

I have to get each and every piece of the white stuff off of my orange before I eat it.

Julie Robinson said...

Well, Anne, the good thing about having rainbow colored toes in the summer time is that when you wear sandels, you always match!

I actually got the idea from my niece. She's very artistic, as is my sister. When my niece, who is now an early teen, was little she liked to experiment with colors with fingernail polish on anyone who was willing to stick their foot out. I had to balance the colors by having them match the appropriate toe and have continued the "tradition." Julie