Thursday, April 16, 2009

Giggled and loving it!

You're probably wondering why I've posted a picture of the famous chararacter from the movie Psycho, huh? Norman Bates. Ah, no one can do insanity quite like him.

Then again, I've managed to pull it off without even trying. Cool, huh?!

At least that's what Mrs. Giggles tells me. The following quote is in reference to my recent Samhain Publishing release, Turbulent Passions (contemporary romance with psychic elements): "Aries is a little too creepy for my liking. He exudes a most disquieting Norman Bates vibe" --Mrs. Giggles

I read that and couldn't stop laughing. I even read it to my mom, and she got a good chuckle out of it too. I love it! Norman Bates! Who knew I could create such a creepy secondary character? I think I've missed my calling. Clearly I should be writing thrillers.

The thing about reviews is that there's always at least one that'll raise your eyebrows in surprise. You'll either be pleased as punch, angry as hell or just downright baffled. This time I was both pleased and baffled. Mrs. Giggles gives Turbulent Passions a 75 and overall she liked the story and wished it'd been longer. All in all I walked away smiling. And I get to hold the unique honor of having Norman Bates as a secondary character. How cool is that?!

My own take on Aries is a little different, as you can imagine. He and his twin sister, Sapphire, posess some very cool psychic powers. They've lost both their parents in a car accident and the only family they have left is each other. Aries is understandably overprotective, obsessed with keeping her safe, and feels responsible for her as only a brother would. In the end he realizes the error of his ways and everyone lives happily ever after. I suppose to understand his situation you'd have to read the book yourself. Is Aries Norman Bates creepy or is he simply fixated on keeping his twin alive?

Here's an excerpt for you. In this scene, Aries learns that Sapphire has a strange man in her home and Aries is concerned.



Aries waved a hand toward the table. “Please, sit.”

The stranger closed the distance, waiting to seat her before taking his own chair.

“Such a gentleman, Sister.”

“Kiss off, Brother.”

Aries grinned and sat in one of the two remaining chairs. “Do you remember anything at all?

How you came to be on our land, for example?”

The stranger dragged his fingers through his hair. “No, nothing. It’s infuriating as hell, too.”

Aries nodded. “I can understand. The mind is a very fragile thing. It’s important you don’t push too hard, or you risk losing the memories forever.”

The stranger squinted at Aries, as if bothered by something. “You two seem to know a lot about the brain. Are you scientists or doctors of some kind?”

Sapphire smiled. “Can I tell him about our upbringing?”

“Yes, but be careful. He’s very curious, and that bothers me.”

Sapphire turned to the man seated at her left and attempted to explain without giving too much away. “Nothing quite so important. Our parents were believers in all things natural. Metaphysics was a way of life for us growing up.”


“Loosely it means that which transcends physics. In other words, my parents believed in things beyond the norm. Faith healing, crystals, astrology. You see?”

“So that explains the unique names. No Johns and Janes for you guys, huh?”

Sapphire found herself laughing. “No, but I’d wished to have a more normal name. When I was a kid, being Sapphire wasn’t always easy.”

“I can imagine. But your eyes…” He cleared his throat, then said, “Well, the name is very fitting.”
“Thank you. I wish I had a name for you.”

“You and me both, sweetheart.”

Aries growled low. Sapphire felt it the instant he was about to unleash his power on the unsuspecting man sitting next to her. She’d already become infatuated with him and she desperately wanted to explore those feelings further.


“He shouldn’t be so free with the endearments. He has no rights over you.”

“And did the women you bedded in town have rights over you?”

“You go too far, Sister.”

“Excuse me?” the stranger asked as he regarded them both with curiosity.

Sapphire froze as she realized Aries had spoken aloud. He never made a mistake.

“Twins,” Aries quickly explained. “Sometimes we can look at each other and know what the other is thinking.”

“Right, I’d forgotten. You two sure don’t look anything alike. She’s so small and you’re so…not.”

Aries laughed. Actually laughed. It was such a rare occurrence these days, it startled them both.

“So, I get that sapphire is a gemstone, and with her blue eyes the name is plenty appropriate, but what about you?”

“Aries. The astrological sign. It denotes a person with strong power of initiative who is independent, has a good temper and likes to win.”

Sapphire covered her mouth and attempted to stifle her laugh.

“Well, that’s why Mom and Dad named me Aries, isn’t it?”

“You left out jealous, loses interest easily, temperamental, has a hard time showing feelings.”

Aries rolled his eyes as if bored. “Thanks for the astrology lesson.”

“Any time.”

“You two do this often?”

“What?” they asked in unison.

“The bantering back and forth. It’s pretty entertaining. I never had a…”

The stranger stopped and his square jaw tensed visibly. It bothered her to see him so lost. Sapphire placed her hand on his arm. “It’s okay. It’s just another mind leak. Soon the crack will widen and all of it will come flooding back.”

The stranger looked at her hand as if mesmerized. Something undeniable and magnetic seemed to pass between them. Her body flooded with warmth and the juncture between her thighs was suddenly dripping with need. She didn’t quite understand what she was feeling, but she had some idea. And she didn’t need her brother there ruining things.

Aries stood, as if sensing her desperation. “It’s getting late and I have things to attend to before bed.” The handsome stranger stood and held out his hand. Aries took it and nodded. “She’s my only living relative. I’ll always watch over her, so tread with caution, stranger.”

“You have my word.”

“I’ll have more than that should you choose to hurt Sapphire. Know this: There is no place on earth I could not find you.”

To her surprise and admiration, the stranger dropped Aries’ hand and walked around the table to stand face to face with him. Looking her brother straight in the eyes, he vowed, “Your sister will come to no harm while I’m here.”

Aries nodded as if satisfied.


“I’ve searched his mind. I didn’t find anything to cause me alarm. And he genuinely likes you. Actually, like might be too tame. The things he’s thinking…damn, I feel like I should stand guard or something.”

“I’ll have your head on a stick if you even think it.”

“You’re one scary lady.”

“Remember that come morning, okay?”

“What’s going to happen in the morning?”

“Shut up and go, will you?”

Aries laughed aloud and left. She locked the door behind him and set the security alarm, before turning to the stranger. He stood in her kitchen, all his focus trained on her as if she were a juicy steak and he a starving Doberman.

Oh, my.

So, you tell me! Is Aries creepy or just overprotective and annoying, as most brothers tend to be...?


Regina Carlysle said...

I don't see Norman Bates at ALL here. Aries just seems like an overly protective brother and most of us have had one of those OR an overprotective father.

It's funny how reviewers see things.

Kelley Nyrae said...

um, no Norman Bates there for me. I like him. He's protective of the sister he loves. Nothing wrong with that. Plus their mental connection is stronger than with most people so its natural that he would be a little more protective.

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks, ladies!

And then you add in the tragedy of their parents (it's the WAY they died) and of course he's going to be nuts about keeping her safe. She's all he has left in the world!

Saroya said...

LOL twins

wasn't that actor in Where the Boys are? or am I thinking of someone else

Genella deGrey said...

Does Aries at any point dress in granny drag?


:D :D :D

Anne Rainey said...

Saroya--I never watched that movie, so I can't say. :)

Genella-- LMBO!! "why, I couldn't hurt a fly"

Mary Ricksen said...

Hey, Norman Bates is an icon, you're in good company.
It's really funny how people react to our stories. Who cares as long as we are and our readers enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting a Batesian vibe here; more like a protect the hearth and home, this is my sister and Ill be watching vibe. Not creepy to me, but then only an excerpt. I will be getting and reading this very soon, then I can give a more thorough view of Aries and his persona (can you tell its my day for big words LOL?)
Nancy G aka joshgranny

Amy Ruttan said...

As long as he doesn't dress like his mother. ;)

Anne Rainey said...

Mary--I agree. As long as the readers are happy, I'm happy!

Anne Rainey said...

Nancy--That's pretty much how I wanted Aries to come across to readers, but I look forward to your thoughts when you've finished reading it. I'm always open to what the readers have to say! :)

Anne Rainey said...

Amy--LOL! Nope, no cross-dressing for Aries, I assure you!

Julie Robinson said...

Congrats on the review Anne. Don't blame you for walking away smiling. And Aries has every reason to be protective. It's not like he's sitting in his rocking chair in the window! Of course, over protectiveness can be a bit stifling.

Julie Robinson said...

Oh, and then with the extra power they have, I don't blame Aries for being protective.

Anne Rainey said...

Julie! Thank you!! You totally get what I was trying to convey with Aries personality!! Right on, sister! :)