Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He Will Survive

We'd like to welcome Mima to Three Wicked Writers today!

“Even in chains, hope can fly free.”

That’s the tagline of my new book Spirit Within. It opens with a man hanging in chains in a bare stone room. This makes me contemplate my growing list of heroes I’ve tortured. Heroes in chains, heroes with scars, heroes who been done wrong… why do I find them magnificent?

Is it because I’m naïve and romantic and the thought of the human spirit transcending selfish cruelty makes me melt? Is it because strength forged in pain is something most adults can empathize with? Is it because watching a survivor fall in love is all the more poignant, for achieving a future after all seemed lost?

I think it’s all those things. In particular, I think the darkness that comes with near-death experiences is something I will always crave. Heroes and heroines who have ridden that edge are more compelling to me. It’s even better when they are self-aware of their own darkness, and don’t try to deny or hide it. They own it. And that’s how they overcome it.

All does not need to be darkness, but I find myself taken with it lately, maybe because of the winter solstice and all this literal night. How appropriate my darkest book is coming out in the darkest part of the year. For myself, I’ve been rereading dark heroes lately. Poor guys. I love watching them survive their chains.

Maybe next time I’ll write a nice beta boy with a good desk job who vaccuums… Nah.

Mima is the author of 10 fantasy erotic romances. Read excerpts and reviews at

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Kelley Nyrae said...

Wow. This book sounds really good. I love witnessing characters pull through the hard stuff and come out on the other side.

Thanks for blogging with us today!


Anne Rainey said...

Thanks for blogging with us! And I'm with you, LOVE those tortured heroes! :-D

Ella Drake said...
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Ella Drake said...

If anyone could take a "a nice beta boy with a good desk job who vaccuums" and make him hot, you could. Congrats on the new release!

Regina Carlysle said...

Looove tortured heroes. They just pull you into a story, don't they. The book sounds GREAT!

Thanks for hanging out with us today.

Mima said...

thanks for the thoughts ladies! i honestly wonder if this post put beta guys into my brain. sometimes i love a challenge...

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