Friday, February 11, 2011

Stalk Off!

Getting on my nerves first thing in the morning isn’t advisable. Sending me weird stuff on Facebook most definitely isn’t advisable. My profile clearly states I’m on there for networking. I wonder, if people read profiles like the guy below said he did, how did he fail to see I didn’t click the box that said I was interested in MEN?

Lena Matthews had a freak the other day, and you can read the conversation HERE.

But today I got my own freak. I’m gobsmacked these blokes think women are so stupid as to think he means what he’s said. Blimey O’Rielly! Oh, and by the way, no one, NO ONE is allowed to call me baby except my husband.

Paul Suarez 11 February at 07:43 Report
How are you doing ?How I wish words could express the thoughts that I have towards you. If I should say I love your profile then the greater percent of my words are still unexpressed. But of course, I must say something... my heart beats for you, and my heart longs for you.i really apreciate to be yours your good friends,anywell, how is life going with you over ther baby,well am aruna by nameand i would like to get to know you more.I must say you are a princess.I love everything i saw in your profile and i would love to know you better for the miracle of friendship that speaks from one heart to the other,recognize unspoken needs and lead to more.I'm interested in you,and something tells me now that you might be the woman i have always looked for.i am Paul a US Army...45yrs.. ,5'9 tall ,brown hair ,i have 2 boys .divorced now .seeking a long term relationship I work with the US ARMY .I came across your profile and i love what i saw. i'm really attracted to you and i would love that we can keep this communication going on between us till we meet in person.Write back if you are interested and lets get to know....


Emmy Ellis 11 February at 07:58
Umm, lovely of you to write, but I'm not interested. First, you're Aruna by name and then you're Paul. I have my own Paul.

A little bit of advice would be to not write to women with such an "in your face" post. It comes off as freaky, stalkerish, and most women will realise what you're doing. Seriously, you need to readjust your approach if you want to start a relationship with someone.

The most startling line is: until we meet in person.

Kind of assured that women will fall for that crap, aren't you? Please, do yourself a favour and start all over again. Just not with me.


and something tells me now that you might be the woman i have always looked for—that something told you a pack of lies, man, because there’s no way in hell that information is correct. Thanks for getting on my nerves first thing this morning and setting me up for a grumpy day. Cheers. Yep, I really appreciated THAT!

Who the hell do these men think they are, preying on women like this? And get this, I clicked that beautiful word "report" beside his name and it gave me three options. To click that he threatened me with violence, that he was sexually explicit, or to block him. I had no alternative but to just block. ARGH!


Lily Harlem said...

OMG!!! Seriously? That is nuts, if it wasn't so damn early I would advise you have a stiff drink to recover from the wierdness.

Aruna to Paul. You couldn't make that stuff up.

Natalie Dae said...

LOL Lily. He got me really annoyed earlier. Cheeky sod. Imagine there are women out there who will fall for it, though! Men like him make me sick.


Regina Carlysle said...

Oh honey, you are ringing my bells and then some with this. I've been getting these almost daily for a week. I've been married for 28 years and have two grown kids. These 'oh I love your profile pices' "oh I want to meet you' things have got to stop. Most of us are NOT out trolling for men on facebook. We're there to hang out with our friends. Sooooo sick of this shit.

I know this is rather off the 'picking up chicks' theme but why in heaven's name are we getting signed up in 'groups' without giving our permission? Every time this happens and I start getting a gazillion emails from some 'group' I have to fiddle around and try to figure out how to delete. Ticks me off.

Natalie Dae said...

Apparently Facebook have changed it, Reg, where you just get added to these groups instead of invited. I go straight to that group and click "leave group". If I wanted to join groups like that, I would, but I don't!


Laurann Dohner said...

I'm officially jealous. Really. I never get anything that says something like 'my heart beats for you'. Nope. I get crude stuff about how they could show me freaky alien sex. The last one said he's an alien (he made a pun on being in the country illegally) and wanted to send me pics of his junk to see if I wanted to nail him. (his words - what a romantic! - SNORT!) He said enough to make it clear he'd read some of Zorn Warriors. I laughed it off. I wrote him back and told him unless he's like 6 foot 5 and comes with a real working spaceship... sorry - not interested. LOL!

D. F. Krieger said...

Should I even point out that if he truly were military, he'd be more inclined to use his last name with his title? When my husband introduces me to shipmates, they always call themselves by their last name.

What kind of writer would fall in love with a stalker who uses run-on sentences and improper grammer anyways? I mean, geez!

@ Laurann- Great way to turn the tide on him! ROFL

Unknown said...

OMG! It must be the week for freaks. Aruna/Paul whatever his name is - is a crazy fruit loop.

Delaney Diamond said...

Creepy. Could it random spam?

Anonymous said...

This is why I deleted and banned FB ok one of the reasons.

Wendy A said...

Sorry you had a bad morning but look at the bright side now that you told him off the rest of your day will get better don't let one jerk ruin your hole day.

Natalie Dae said...

God, Laurann, he sounds gross! You poor woman!


Natalie Dae said...

I agree, D.F. My first thought was: Learn your puncs, for God's sake!



Natalie Dae said...

LMAO Amber. I dread to think who he's inflicting his brand of charm on now.


Natalie Dae said...

There are many of them at it, Delaney. It just amazes me that they think we'll swallow the crap they come out with.


Natalie Dae said...

That's a shame, Nanny. I can't say I blame you, though. People like him cropping up just take the fun out of it.


Natalie Dae said...

Aww, thanks, Wendy. It did get better. I allowed him to annoy me for about an hour after he mailed then cheered up a bit. If I think about who he's bugging now it'll only bother me silly. I just hope no woman falls for it and gets hurt.


anny cook said...

Sigh. It used to be you could shame them some, but not any more. Now they're all bold as brass. Move on, hon.

Natalie Dae said...

Yep, Anny. I doubt he thought anything of my reply except to move on to the next woman.