Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Distractions and Shiiiiiiny Things

First off, just another mention that our blog is currently 'under construction'. We're hoping to unveil the new look very soon and we can't wait to show it off. Sorry I'm so late posting today but I have been distracted these days. Don't know what's up with that. Spring Fever? Maybe. The grass is greening up and we've been having some pretty darn nice weather around here but I honestly don't think that's it. I've just had trouble focusing because I just think too much is going on. Over at the Three Wicked Writers loop (you should definitely sign up btw) we decided to do a little writing exercise. A number of us were stumped at various points in our wips so we started off by stating our goals and then checking in to 'report' every hour. Everyone who came out to play did great and I believe we all met our goals. Now I only need to polish up and tweak what I wrote so speedy quick and move on with the manuscript. So what's holding me back? Lots of stuff. I am planning a joint promotion thing with author and friend Mari Carr. We both have releases tomorrow at Ellora's Cave. YAY on that! We've been plotting and planning joint contests and such so be watching for contest information on our personal blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. Also, Mr. Reg and I have been looking at houses. Ummmm. What are we thinking???? We have a very nice house already but we've kind of got the bug so we've been checking out some local listings. I'm signed up to guest blog, dealing with a 'major' change with my daughter and hell, just so many things that my head is spinning. What do you do when focus is hard to come by? I've been trying to figure that out for years. Today I'm seriously considering sitting out on the patio and watching the rain come down (yes, it's a MIRACLE...rain in west Texas!). Maybe my brain will settle down and I'll be able to focus on one thing at a time. Maybe a nice hot bath with bubbles? I just don't know but if you have any ideas, I would be most grateful! As I mentioned, Mari Carr and I both have releases tomorrow. Inflamed and Return to Delight are in the Lawless line and Everything's Comin' Up Cowboys for us. Here's a bit about both books.

COMING March 30


Stuck in a rut in every way possible, Keri decides her first step in a bid for change is moving back to the Texas home she left years ago. The second step? Spicing up her sex life with the crazy-hot cowboys she left behind. Too responsible (and smart) to touch her way back when, Max and Shaw filled Keri’s hottest teen dreams. Now she’s older, wiser—and more than ready to make up for lost time. Max and Shaw were always fond of Keri, but the stunning woman strutting back into their lives is a far cry from the serious, studious teen they remember. She wants to take a walk on the racy side—with both of them—and the cowboys are only too happy to oblige. As they suspected, the sex is explosive, though Max and Shaw aren’t sure Keri can really handle everything they have to give. Nor do they know if she can handle the sexy secret they’ve yet to divulge.

Coming March 30


Harley June Baker left Delight thinking never to return, but when circumstances draw her back to this tiny town and straight into Cooper’s strong arms, she knows she’s in deep trouble. The man she’d loved and left behind is now one sexy devil-in-denim and hotter than a Texas summer night. With his every wicked touch throwing her senses into overdrive, how could any sane woman resist? Cooper Dobbs is a man on a mission. He let Harley get away once, but never again. Knowing it’s time to burn up some sheets with the delectable woman, Cooper plies her with a raw, savage passion that threatens to incinerate them both. It’s gonna take plenty of panty-drenching sex and a fair amount of sweet-talkin’ to make Harley his, but Cooper reckons he’s up to the challenge.


Unknown said...

Go for the hot bubble bath, a glass of wine and soft music. Forget all your problems for at least a little while.

Harlie Williams said...

Bubble bath is good with the wine. Also, read a book. I know that you write them but read one, too. Maybe go shopping? Just saying a little retail therapy might do you some good.

Harlie Williams said...

Almost forgot.........I live in East Texas and we are not getting any rain.......so jealous right now.

Regina Carlysle said...

Good idea, Amber. My housekeeper is here right now so I'll hold off on the bubbly bath and chocolate wine until tonight, I think.

Regina Carlysle said...

Oooooh. I might read a book this afternoon. I know that getting my mind to settle down is major. I'll try that. And yes...I can't believe we are actually getting rain, Harley. Unbelievable. Love it.

C. Zampa said...

Trying NOT to get into a relaxed mode, here at work. Nothing I can do about it, even if come up with something wonderful.

I'm liking the others' ideas of the bubble bath, wine and reading. All at one time sounds nice to me. Sigh.

Congratulations on your release and enjoy your relaxation!

Tess MacKall said...

Margaritas always get me to focus! lol

Hey, you know I'm having trouble focusing these days. Life just does that to us sometimes. But I wouldn't worry. You'll be fine.

Taryn Elliott said...

BICHOK - aka Butt In Chair Hands On Keys is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Well, I can keep the fingers on the keys, but not necessarily writing my MS. LOL I too have Dug-itis lately. (the dog from Up hehhe. SQUIRREL!)

The two excerpts look amazing I love Mari and I can't wait to get another one of your books under my belt. Drilled was so fun! I'm looking for another one from you, Reg.

Good luck with the stampede of promos I'm sure you've got heading your way. Oh lookie--one more distraction!

Regina Carlysle said...

Yep. Bubble bath coming up Carol. LOL. Actually now that this particular day is over I'm settling down just a tad.

Regina Carlysle said...

Tess, I like the margarita idea but my problem is I don't stop at one because they are just too damn goooooood!

Regina Carlysle said...

You are soooo right, Taryn. I did what i had to do today and tried to just forget about how crazy tomorrow will be. I'll get a good night's sleep and then worry about release day. After that? Writing. No doubt. I'll have some things off my plate after tomorrow it's just so easy to get overwhelmed.

Jen B. said...

I love the cover for Inflamed. I would love to relax by reading a book while soaking in the bath.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes driving around by myself with no real destination in mind helps me regain my focus.
I adore the cover of your new book. just love it.