Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Day in the Life

After the brain fog that set in following this past holiday weekend, I confess I'm a little clueless this morning regarding a blog topic. Might have been the two drinks of cotton candy vodka I had last night while watching season four of Dexter with my daughter. Yes, I'm a lightweight and I conked out rather easily.

Anyway, I've decided to talk about my ordinary day. It's not in the least exciting. In fact, it's rather dull and despite what some might think I don't sit around in fuzzy, smexy high heeled slippers, a frothy nightie, and a martini at my elbow as I pen my stories. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The scary truth is, things are rather dull around here. I roll out of bed around 8-ish, grab a cup of coffee and immediately turn on my computer to check emails, loops, do promotion work, and blog. Every Tuesday I blog HERE and I have my own blog (which I'm terrible about keeping up with). Sorry...digressing. Again. So after I respond to emails, I write for a couple of hours. I usually forget lunch but will take a break from writing to play on facebook for awhile. I've found fb to be a huge time suck but I love it. Most of the time, I'm alone so it's a nice way to touch base with other people. By early afternoon, I jump in the shower and get ready for whatever errands I have to do. Usually I try to reserve errand-running to one day each week (to get it all done at once) but that hasn't been possible these days. Of course, my daughter is home from college for the summer and that messes with the usually-pat schedule I follow during the rest of the year.

Back to the daily schedule. After I do the errand thing, I might do a few chores around the house and by the time my husband is home from work, I have to think about DINNER. By the time evening rolls around, I check emails again and try to write some more. I'm not much of a tv watcher but there ARE some favorite shows so my Sunday nights are usually reserved for them. I'm into True Blood (yay for the new season) and I'm groaning and sighing about Game of Thrones being over until next year. But mainly, my life isn't at all exciting. I write. I play on the computer. I tend to stay in my jammies most of the time. Of course, when I find myself thinking of what a ho hum life I lead, I think of those who punch a time clock at 8 AM every weekday morning and feel blessed.

In Other News: I have a new book in print. Sequins Saddles and Spurs was released by Ellora's Cave last week. This is a collection of stories by me, Desiree Holt, and Ciana Stone. The stories are also availabe separately as ebooks!



Anonymous said...

I know you say your life isn't all that exciting, but I read that and hope one day to achieve it! I get up every day, put on a face full of make-up and dress for my role of the day. Not to say I don't like pretty clothes and shoes, but after 17 yrs of playing the slightly psychotic, off the wall hairstylist, who says and does whatever, whenever...I'm tired. *sigh*. As of late, sometimes I forget to separate her from me, but when I sit behind my computer and write, I remember exactly who I am. It's so nice to have my characters say and do and say all the silly and crazy things instead of me! LOL!!

Keep up the FAB writing and even if FB sucks the time right out of the day, don't stop coming on and playing with all of us. It's too much fun!! :0)))


Harlie Williams said...

I hope to be like you one day. This is my typical day:

5:15am-wake up/read emails & blogs
6:15am-wake hubby, start getting ready
6:30 wake son up and get him going
6:30-7am-finish getting ready, make lunches for everyone
7:15-leave the house, drop son off at school or day camp
8am-arrive at work
5pm leave work
5:30pm pick up son if its my turn
5:45pm home
8:30pm son in bed

I don't have much free time during the week at all. I have maybe 1 1/2 hours a day.

Whew! I'm tired just looking at my schedule.

Harlie Williams said...

Keep up the good work ladies. I'll get there one day...**sigh**

Regina Carlysle said...

Writing definitely 'takes us away' doesn't it? Honestly, I love my life and though others might think it sounds pretty dull, it's perfect for me. How nice to not have to account to a BOSS or punch a time clock. No makeup if it suits me. Keep writing Elece and taking refuge in it!

Regina Carlysle said...

Oh yeeeeaaaaahhhh. That schedule makes my head ache, Harlie. I'm sure you try to do your writing on weekends and even that is really tough with a little guy at home.

Harlie Williams said...

He's actually gotten better. Its the bigger boy, I have problems with sometimes. LOL!

Harlie Williams said...

And yes, Regina...my schedule makes me very tired...I have dark circles and gray hair for a reason. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good gracious, Harlie! Your schedule is a doozee! I get up when you're leaving the house. But when I'm in a writing zone, most times I don't sleep since so I can take advantage of the quiet time. Bags and gray...thank goodness for make-up, hair color and coffee!! Lotsa coffee. :0))

And, Reg--Thanks for the extra fire under my bum!! I'm full force in the writing zone now. Yippie!! #<|:0)))))


Mia Watts said...

Awesome cover, Reggie!

Your day sounds a lot like mine, actually. Not a pool boy in sight.