Friday, August 5, 2011

Love me some school supplies...

I'm running late on getting my post up again this week, and I blame deadline dizziness. I have a book due to my Loose Id editor by mid-August...and lo and behold, it's already August 5th! 

The good news is I only have two scenes left to finish. One of them's a crucial one...writing the end! I love the characters in All She Wants for Christmas and hope my editor does too. I'll admit that Caitlyn, Tristan and Matt gave me some fits, but I suspect that was more because their crazy author tried to write from a synopsis she wrote BEFORE writing the book, and my pantser brain did not like that one bit! 

This weekend I'll be hopefully wrapping ASWFC up and shipping it off to my most awesome CP, Taryn Elliott (who recently sold her amazing first book! didja hear?!?) and moving on to copyedits for Bad Kitty, my Halloween short story. Also have an essay due this weekend on how to write sex scenes - not that I have any clue about THAT!

So since my brain's as fried as an egg, I decided to throw a topic out there that wouldn't inspire too much brainpower on my part but yet is one that's near and dear to my heart.

Buying school supplies!

Nope, I don't have kids, but I still love them. Love pencils, shiny notebooks, new pens, software, Post-it notes...yeah, me in a Staples is not a pretty sight, especially this time of year when everything's on sale! I want to fill my cart up with everything I see.

What about you? Do you love school supplies and office stuff? Or do you have another "supply" love you'd like to share? Are craft stores your thing? Maybe art supply stores? (I'll confess...I love those too!)


Nine Naughty Novelists said...

I love school supplies so much I worked in a school supply store all through high school and university. My kids are too old for that now, but I still have the urge to go buy pretty binders and new pens and fancy paper clips!

October Woman said...

Oh yeah, school supplies, office supplies, love 'em! One year when we were in grade school, my parents gave my sisters and I a big box full of office supplies for Christmas! People thought that was weird, but we were in heaven!

kelly said...

Oops that comment was from me, not the NNN. Forgot to log out. :-(

Unknown said...

I love school supplies too! When I buy for my daughter I buy for myself too.

I'm on the same deadline to LI and I'm having trouble writing the last scene and adding a kink scene! UGH.

Elece said...

I'm not big on all school supplied, but I do get giddy over #7 mechanical pencils and those pens that have different colors in one. Noe put me in Michael's or Jo Ann's and I'm a crazy person! I want everything, knowing one day I will most definitely make something, anything with it. Ooo, and fabric stores. Now that's the way to my heart!!

Anonymous said...

I love pens, pencils and paper. I can never have enough of them. It doesn't matter what kind they are, I want them. I have been this way all my life.

Taryn Elliott said...

ooh you know this is my weakness.

Notebooks and pens, and a new obsession...mechanical pencils.

I'm totally enamored. Oh and grid paper is also a new lurve of mine. I love being able to write as big or little as I want. Oh and doodle at the same time.


Eileen said...

Office supplies stores, book stores and card stores are my downfall. I love browsing through them to see what's new and what I don't need for my desk. What's not to love about finding a new pen that feels right in your hand and slides on paper! Okay I'm a dork for saying it but what can I say, I'm a dork.