Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My little black cloud

You ever get the feeling there's a small storm cloud trailing after you? That's pretty much what it feels like for me this past month. Nothing in my writing life that I can power through no matter what. Nope what has me cringing every time the phone or doorbell rings is...well pretty much everything else. I changed phone, Internet & TV companies after researching it for DAYS. I thought I got the best deal out there. The TV goes out within 30 minutes of the service guy leaving, the Internet is hit or miss for two weeks & the phone doesn't reach half the distance it used to. The bill comes in and BAM I got screwed over without even getting dinner first. OUCH! Don't ask the memory is still painful. Moving yesterday. New alarm system is installed again with vast amounts of research. Today the damn thing won't stop beeping, screaming, & driving me to the brink of what's left of my sanity. Yes, I know what a short trip it is. I took a screwdriver to the mainbox & silenced the bastard! And WON the battle of the battery.

So forgive me for a small, cranky post. I'm short on sleep, patience and liquor. Instead I ask you to help me say goodbye to my Club Botticelli ladies! Yes, Romancing Recee is out and she's the final chapter in the crazy series that brought me thoughts of laughs and great memories!!! Thank you, everyone, who helped make this series such a wonderful success!

Book five in the Club Botticelli Series

Love is never easy between two people determined to avoid heartbreak.

Experience has taught Recee Williams that love causes nothing but pain. Her past has proven her right time and again. She’s content to live her life alone with no one but her friends. They may be close to the legal line of insanity, but they’re her true family.

Garen’s interest in the most lethal and unstable member of Club B’s owners is nothing but foolish. Knowing that doesn't stop him from rushing to her 'rescue' when an ex threatens Recee’s life. But Recee is more than capable of taking care of herself.

After one night together Garen knows he’ll never be able to let this prickly woman go, but he'll need more than charm and great talent between the sheets.

Somehow Garen needs to find the perfect way to start Romancing Recee.

Reader Advisory: This book contains heavy doses of sarcasm, hot sex against walls, on floors and a dual kidnapping that leads to explosive results.


Eileen said...

Congrats on the release and the end of the series! Sad to see it end too. Hope things get better too.

Regina Carlysle said...

Honey, it sounds like you are singing my song these days. Things have been crazy and not necessarily in a GOOD way. Good crazy is FINE but not this. siiiigh very frustrating, I know. Congrats on the release though...another GOOD thing.

Brenna Zinn said...

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know, Dear, how much I wuv you. Yada, yada, yada... B

Allie Standifer said...

Aww, ya'll are so sweet I'm getting over my big business rage :) Just have to remember not to give them that type of control over me. I'm better than that...royalty doesn't bow to the 'the man'! LMAO