Monday, November 7, 2011


Let’s start with MUSINGS.

You know how news articles on the Internet have comment sections, right? Right. Well, I like to read those comments because I guess I just like getting pissed off. Keeps the brain firing on all cylinders. LOL

So this morning I was reading the article about the former Penn State assistant coach who has been charged with child sex abuse. It seems that someone allegedly saw an incident between this former assistant coach and a boy about ten years old in a locker room facility at the college.

Now the guy was no longer working there, he’d retired, but had access to the buildings or something like that. So the person who saw this supposedly reported it to the head coach. And this is what I’m wondering about. The head coach then turned it over to the athletic director. Now I know all about chain of command and damage control, etc. Penn State is a big place and has a reputation to protect.

But now the athletic director and another guy have had to step down from their positions because they have been charged with perjury to a grand jury. Uh huh….so why didn’t the head coach report the situation to the police? Did his responsibility as a citizen of the world end when he reported it to the athletic director? Evidently, if these allegations are indeed true, nothing was done other than to ban the former assistant coach from bringing young boys on campus.

Like I said, I understand chain of command and damage control. I even understand the need to simply NOT want to get involved. But at some point in time you gotta have a freaking backbone, too!


I’ve been offline a few days due to family illness. So I missed the big hoopla with regard to the m/m writer who is really a woman but telling everyone she’s a gay man. What’s your take on all that? Do you care? Everyone knows there are male writers out there writing with female pen names. Some of us even know who a few of them are. So why is it such a big deal with this author?

Is it because this is something happening in the m/m writing community? Is it the community of gay men writing as gay men who are up in the air? Or is it the fans? Does it go deeper?

Online relationships are tricky things for sure. You never know who you are talking to. And this is a bright, shining example of just that. Did the author go too far by letting someone pose for her at a book signing? Did the author go too far by developing a complete gay male persona and using it online as a way to cultivate relationships with readers?  What say YOU?

Backbone, people. Let’s all get some.

And now it’s time for OVERHEARD.

I’m standing in line at a grocery store and there is a group of young dudes ahead of me. I’d say they were in their early to mid-twenties. Nice looking guys. I was admiring their butts when I heard one dude say:

“So what are you up to tonight, man?”

The other dude replied: “I don’t know. Only here for the weekend.”

Dude One: “Hey you should meet us and we’ll go raise some hell!”

Dude Two: “Shit. Go to some bar and get wasted while I’m trying to get some slut wasted so she’ll fuck me? No thanks. Much easier to just get a hooker and lay up for the weekend. No games. I like that.”

Dude One: “I hear ya.”


What the hell do you say to that? LOL

Backbone. I needed one at that moment. But what good would it have done me? I'm not sure how I feel about what he said. It just felt odd. Maybe true...but odd. LOL


Molly Daniels said...

Any abuse should have been reported to the police; you're right about that!

Apparently I missed the thing about the m/m writer also....

And what's with the 'get her wasted so she'll f*** me'? Was he that bad-looking/insecure to think he has to get someone DRUNK before she'll agree to go home with him? Sheesh!

Harlie Williams said...

I must have missed the memo on the author, too. Doesn't matter to me who writes what, as long as its good, right?

What a jackass! He must be coyote ugly if he has to get the girl drunk first.

Welcome back Tess and good morning.

Unknown said...

Re: the guy who is only in town for the weekend....yeah, like he has time to develop a relationship. He has clearly learned that Liquor is, in fact NOT quicker.

Guess he doesn't like the drama.

Why is this hard to understand?