Thursday, December 8, 2011

Double Release Week... and stuff

Ever stare off into space, consumed with a thought you just have to pursue? What is it? What gets you to tune out the world most? For me it's description creation. I know, boring right? I have this weird genetic filter fail. I say things that are on my mind without thinking through them completely. It can be harrowing because I'm actually a very nice person who feels like shit if she says something unintentionally hurtful. I try so hard to be careful, to find the right words, the right delivery, the right moment, but I tend to fail just when I let down my guard. What compounds this is when I fail and don't realize it.

Like OMG *hand clap over the mouth*. I can't believe I just said blue isn't her color! She's WEARING BLUE! That kind of thing. Yeah, it can be funny... like the moments at conference I've shared with you. *At the elevator bay* "Anyone wanna go down?" or at panel of erotic writers. "Hey, I really do know dick!" It can be special special and it by super sucktastic.

Likewise, my sense of humor tends to tiptoe the line of over-share and comedy. It can make people uncomfortable, especially when I'm working on a particularly juice visual image. I love giving visuals. However, if the image is gross and I've been imagining the precision of grossness in my mind and finally hit upon the perfect description, it's a eureka moment I want to share so badly, that I don't always mind my audience. *sigh* That's where some of you might see the twitter feeds fly by about "Mia!!! THE LINE!" from a few of my friends. They have invented an imaginary line that I frequently cross. But really, what's humor without a little bit of line crossing?

And because it amuses me so much, I'm going to share the purple prose that has been in my head for the last three days. I haven't shared it with anyone, lucky you! LOL.

His cock rose like a nervous meerkat.

You're welcome. I'd go into the description about "the desert of her untouched body", but the visual of that meerkat darting into her "den" while "the eagle cries of pleasure soared above," well, it just gets uncomfortable, doesn't it?

In other news, I have two books out this week. Both are by my alter ego, Katie Blu (weblink on the right margin).

On Wednesday, the 7th, my historical m/f shapeshifter book released at Resplendence. Prey Tell is set at the end of the Regency period and the heroine is a cat shapeshifter. As in, house cat. The hero doesn't know. He just wants to marry the beautiful, wealthy Miss Preston. However, he becomes the real prey. Here's the nifty cover. Isn't he pretty?

On Thursday, the 8th (that's today in case anyone missed it), my m/f/m menage comes out at Siren. Staking Their Claim is the erotic journey of a woman post-divorce who comes to realize that she's not only desirable, but is able to shed all her insecurities. It's a love story of renewal, a second coming-of-age, if you will. Here's that cover. Oh and there's a 15% discount on this one through December 15th, at the Siren site.

If you are interested in finding out more, the links to both publishers are on the right margin down a bit. Until then enjoy. And... go research meerkats.


KarennaC said...

Sound like great books. Congratulations!

Harlie Williams said...

A meerkat? I will never get that out of my head now.

Yes, you're work is done. Can't wait to share it with hubby when I get home. He thinks that this blog is perverted but in a good way. ;)

Congrats on the two releases this week. T hat's awesome!


anny cook said...

Meerkat, eh? Yes, knowing you, I can see that. Absolutely. Actually, I kind of like meerkats...I wonder if anyone's written a meerkat shifter.

Mia Watts said...

@Karenna, Thanks. :)

Mia Watts said...

@Harlie, LOL! Well, yes, I suppose it can be sometimes, although this blog is higher class than so many out there. ;)

Tell him we all say hi.

Mia Watts said...

@Anny, you know what? I like meerkats too. Just watching them pop out of those little holes and get all tall and serious cracks me up.

I haven't read one, Annycoo, I think you have your calling! I wrote the hare, tortoise, and owl book but never a meerkat. I think he'd have to be a nervous ADD type beta. Totally part of a menage in order to carry the heroic mantle... with help.

Jenny Trout said...

One time, a woman told me she was a dentist and I replied by telling her that dentists have the highest suicide rate of any career. We are birds of a feather, Mia.