Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Let Down

So I've been in the cave. All sorts of caves. The writing cave, the submitting cave, the edits cave. NaNo has come and gone and I hit 38K, which wasn't bad considering I had a new release, did edits on two books, promo for another new release next week and subbed two novellas and a proposal...yep, no grass growing under these furry flip-flops (my slippers, if you're wondering.)

But one thing all that stuff hasn't left much time for? Coming up with fun blogs. So that's where my good friend Marika comes in. She wrote up an awesome blog on short notice and believe me, she's a true friend because she's one busy lady! She's a wife and mother, writer, reviewer and she has a full-time job! So please show her some love and tell us how your letdown week went! (And yep, she's right - I have been watching my basketball!)

Take it away, Marika!

Thanksgiving Let Down

Hello, its Fan girl again.  Cari has asked me to blog for her today.  She mentioned something about being in a cave and being behind.  Honestly, I think she’s watching her Orangemen play basketball.  Anywhoos, you get me again.

Have you ever thought about the Thanksgiving Let Down?  Yes, Let Down.  I call the week after Thanksgiving, the Let Down.  This year we had 24 days to prepare for Thanksgiving.  Yes only 24 days before we had the horde of relatives came to your house or you went to theirs.  On 24 days to shop, cook, clean and get ready for that one day that we are truly thankful and overeat.  The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday or for most retailers it actually starts Thursday night.  Grrrr!  Don’t get me started on Black Friday starting early.  That’s a whole another post.  So after fighting the insane masses to get that deal that you just had to have right now, you go home and hopefully take a nap.  Saturday, you’re looking at the relatives and thinking…when are you going home?  I want my home back.  On Saturday, you are also to that point that if you ate another bite of turkey, you might gag!  ***hint***  Pizza is good either Friday or Saturday.  Just saying…and yes, that’s what we had.

Sunday is the day that everyone leaves, you get your house back and you start cleaning.  Whew…house is clean, football is on or maybe you are reading, right?  Here’s the Let Down part…Monday, you go back to work and you’re thinking to yourself or maybe talking to co-workers about decorating the house.  What???  This year we have a full month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, people.  Think about it?  That’s about 30 days before the most chaotically beautiful day of the year.  So why do people feel like that they have to start with the shopping, cooking, baking, decorating, party throwing, oh shit I have Christmas Cards to get out, panic mode?  For me, the Thanksgiving Let Down is a week to rethink about when we are going to decorate, realize that I’m NOT going to bake anything again, be truly thankful that I have a job even if I complain about it, watch my 6 year old son already whip himself up in a frenzy because Christmas is coming and look at my husband and thank I’m the luckiest woman alive right now.

Of course, the Let Down is a time to think what in the hell am I going to get everyone for Christmas this year, what do I want for Christmas and pray to the gods that no one gets sick during the season.  Think about it…what have you done this Let Down Week?  For me, we went to work and nothing else.  Yep, nothing to even resemble getting into Christmas.  For some, that might sound Scrooge-like but for me…just trying to save up for the insanity that will sure sneak up on me when I don’t expect it.

Oh and Cari…how are the Orangemen doing this year?  My Sooners and Aggies…too early to tell.

Cari here: LOL, Marika, they're ranked #4 in the nation but they haven't been tested yet. We'll see. Hope the Sooners and Aggies do well, long as they aren't playing my Orange. ;)


Mia Watts said...

Ours was Chinese food. Hence yesterday's blog. O_o

And now the Christmas rush begins...

Jenny Trout said...

I hosted my first thanksgiving this year, so by the time it was done, my let down was over. The exact moment every started eating and the whole thing was out of my hands? It was like letting the air out of a balloon. In a good way, not a fly desperately around the room, making rude sounds way.

Regina Carlysle said...

I'm certainly guilty of the Thanksgiving 'let down'. It seemed like once everyone left and I reclaimed my house, the air just WHOOSHED right out of my sails. I've been halfway depressed all week. I could blame the dreary weather or the fact that I have assembling a Christmas tree ahead of me this weekend. But honestly, it's just an 'in general' funk. I DID write some yesterday and that left me feeling kinda feisty but the momentary successful feeling didn't last long. Think I just have some worries going on. Hopefully I'll snap out of it soon and be able to get my ho ho on.

Unknown said...

oh girls it is ON ... Louisville Cardinal Super Fan Grrrl here...uh huh. let the smack talk round ball style begin!

I always get let down but did a weird writing cave thing myself Sunday-Monday and emerged, blinking into the sun with a follow up novel to a trilogy.

And we ate pizza for 4 days straight because of it.

Harlie Williams said...

I hear you Mia. :)

Hi Jennifer. I'm a pest to the group but I do help out every once in awhile. Welcome and I can't wait to read your posts.

I hear you Regina. I get depressed right after Thanksgiving. Not bad but I've called the Let Down for so long now that even hubby knows what I mean by it.

Harlie Williams said...

Hey Liz, thanks for stopping by. We've been known to eat chili dogs the day after Christmas. :)

It is on Liz. :) Cari and I are huge college hoops fan!

Cassandra Carr said...

I can tell you one thing. It's the beginning of December and I'm already exhausted. :-S Whew...

Eileen said...

This week I worked hard because it was end of the month and all the charges had to get in by Wednesday at 4. On top of that I had to shop and prepare for my daughter's baby shower tomorrow. yay! so it's back to the drawing board on cleaning and cooking for a different crowd. I hope I can enjoy this special time tomorrow.

Cari Quinn said...

Thank you so much for blogging for me, Marika! You're a sweetheart. :) Thanks to everyone who stopped by as well.

My Thanksgiving Let Down week went by too fast. I didn't get enough done (though that's every week, lol) and I can't believe how fast Christmas is rushing toward us!

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It ended beautifully. That's what matter most.