Monday, March 5, 2012

Grandma Time!!!

I am going to be a grandma! Yep, I sure am.

And since I am, of course, waaaaaaay too young to be a grandma, I will be called something other than Granny or Grandma. Not even a Nana. Nope.

I've told the parents-to-be that I will not be babysitting that often. I have NO intention into getting suckered into raising another child. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing like raising children--along with the highs and lows--as we all know.

But do we really want to keep doing it? Uhhhh...NOPE!

So I'll buy a lot of cute stuff for the baby and give lots of hugs and kisses. But there will be very little diaper changing and burping and walking around the room to soothe its ills. NOPE! Oh, I'll take lots of pics, too. I just don't want to be responsible for raising this one.

The good thing is that I honestly believe my baby girl is going to be a great mom. I always thought that she would be. And the daddy? I like him. I really really do. He's handsome, intelligent. Has a great job and he LIKES me. lol Yep. He likes me. He listens to me. And he LOVES my baby girl. lol So all is good.

Anyone got any great grandma advice for me?


Harlie Williams said...

Congratulations Grandma!

BTW, the following the comments thingy is gone.


Jen B. said...

My mother told me she had raised her kids and I needed to raise mine. It wasn't cruel and I totally understood. You see, she began planning how to spoil the kids rotten as soon as she knew they were on the way. And she has flown all over the country to help out as needed. As far as what to call yourself, the baby might decide for you. My nephew called my mom Mom so we tacked on her first initial to clarify - Emom is now her name.

Congrats on becoming a grandma. How exciting!

Katie O'Connor said...

Congrats to you.
I am going to be a gramma too. I can't wait. Think I'll be called Granny or maybe MeeMaw (Love the Big Bang Theory).
Advice: When I complained to my folks about my kids, Dad always laughed and said do you pennence. Payback's a bitch.


Eileen said...

congrats to you! Me too! Mine is more imminent because she is going in tonight to delivery her baby this is +7 days. My first too. It's funny that I was thinking the same thing. She is going to be a great Mom and I like my son-in-law and will be good to both my girls. Yes I know it is a granddaughter. I just hope that I can help her in the next few weeks to get it together. LOL

Jenny Trout said...

Congratulations! I have no advice, as my younglings have a while before spawning season starts, but I do think it is the providence of grandparents to buy their grandkids noisy, obnoxious toys.