Thursday, February 23, 2012

I fail

I'm a HUGE FAIL!! I cannot believe that I didn't blog last week, especially because it was a massive release week for me. I had four stories come out. Two Mia Watts books and two Katie Blu books. To make up for lost time, I'm going to post the info here for you along with a link to a crazy-good review.

This is the overriding premise of this series:

Mommy's Little Series

Mommy, an immortal mother-thug, only wants to help when wayward paranormals wander into her diner…

Mommy's Little Shapeshifter, Mia Watts

Benny is a shape-shifting Corgi with a problem. He’d like nothing more than to get doggy-style with Dieter. But Dieter is a strapping German Sheppard. Besides the whole logistical problem, there’s the matter of Benny’s shyness. But Mommy has just dragged him across the park lawn, so he’d better think fast.

Mommy's Little Succubus, Katie Blu

Succubus Liza needs to earn her wings. But what’s a klutzy, bespectacled girl to do when she’s born without the seductress gene—and that’s the only way she can earn her demon wings?

Fortunately for Liza, Mommy has a solution, and he’s chained up in her dungeon.

Mommy's Little Mummy, Mia Watts

Licenius has been the Roman ambassador to Egypt for the past four years. His Egyptian counterpart, Remmao, and he are trapped in the middle when Cleopatra is murdered. The last thing Licenius remembers is Remmao’s sweet kiss…when he wakes up two thousand years later.

It seems Remmao has betrayed him. And now Mommy says that he must eat, drink and fuck in the next twenty-four hours or lose a second chance at life.

Mommy's Little Zombie, Katie Blu

It’s the anniversary of Lyric’s rising and Mommy has a surprise for her: Magic sex from recovering mummy, Brian. If it all goes without a hitch, she’ll become immortal…but brain-chomping instincts are hard to squash and Lyric is thinking about head.

I was pleased as peaches to see a review by Bobby over at BookWenches. Follow the link because y'all, it's freakin' awesome!

And if any of these books interests you, check out and look at last week's releases on the home page. Thanks!


Molly Daniels said...

Looking forward to these:) Congrats on the great review(s)!

Phuong said...

Have all 4 books...can't wait to read them

Mia Watts said...

@Molly, hope you like them!

@Phuong, Thank you for picking them up. I just saw your tweet today that you'd read the first two. :) I'm thinking of doing another two or four closer to Halloween.